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Saturday, July 29, 2017

MORE backyard

This red machine is called a dingo.  ("Dingoes ate my baby!")  It's a tiny baby tractor with a front scoop.

This young man is T. W.   We hired him to help with a little
excavation project.  We had a section of back yard about, oh, 12 feet square, that had been over-run by blackberries.  There was, roughly 12 cubic feet of blackberry vines to deal with.  T.W.took his mighty machete and made the blackberry vines feel desperately unwelcome.  Then, using the dingo, he scraped the roots out and leveled the space.  We discovered a cement pad under all that verdure.  Now we have a lovely, shady, 12 more square feet in our backyard and a cement pad on which to place lawn furniture and sip iced tea.  Life is good in Chez Matthieu.


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