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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Three days in a row

I am paying more attention to life around me, looking for things to post about.  I ate lunch on the porch yesterday and counted 8 spiderwebs hanging between the bushes, glinting in sunlight.  I kept discovering more as I let my field of focus drift in and out.  I had my bare feet sheltered behind the calla lilies, and my un-tanned face screened behind a big hat, and the temperature was just perfect for lounging in the sun.  Amazing how that mellows me out.  There is SO much to be said for mindless, serene basking.  I am channeling my inner iguana again.

Anyone want some dried rose petals?  I am getting bushels of them.  We have this one old rose bush that is hardy as can be and produces lovely fragrant red roses.  They are good for about a day after being cut, even with all the tricks to extend vase life, but the petals retain their scent when dried.  And it's going gangbusters this year.  Make your own sachets for Christmas gifts?  God knows I'm going to.

On the knitting front, I am turning out some little cotton bags for my niece who makes soap.  I got some of that, "Scrubby" acrylic at JoAnnes and am making bags big enough to hold a bar of soap, so you just wet them and scrub yourself down.

For the eclipse, Kyle and I will be visiting with another niece who lives dead center of the  totality.  Her community of about 5 thousand is expecting 50 thousand visitors.  Kyle and I are bringing the RV and setting up four days early, then staying two days after to miss the worst of the mobs.  Since we will be there for days, with family and children, I am thinking of bringing some crafty projects I can teach.  Embroidery, perhaps.  Maybe how to plait a paper basket.  Do I have any yarn or fabric I need to dye?  Oh, maybe I can use some of that mohair to make balloon lanterns.    That could be fun.  I'd better pick up a big bottle of glue.  Any other suggestions for crafty stuff to entertain tweens and teens on long, hot afternoons?


  • At 6:16 PM , Blogger Delighted Hands said...

    That's a great idea for the Scrubby yarn!
    I bought the polyester kind at WalMart and it is a bit scrubbier then the cotton one at JoAnn's-I have yet to try that one but I have felt one made from it.
    I am a basker; well, I was and will be again some day! I am teaching the art of holding still and being silent to two grandsons so they will be baskers someday, too.


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