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Thursday, July 13, 2017

The next new start

Blogging is good for me.  That may be why I have avoided it for so long.  Like exercise, Kale, and an in-depth study and analysis of our current political situation, I know I should,  . . . I SHOULD, . . .Tomorrow.

But I am at least mature enough to do those annual medical things.  Like the mammogram.  The radiologist didn't like one of the pictures and asked me to come back. (It was sort of like finding a footprint in the snow that might have been left by a polar bear.  Polar bears are dangerous things.  Let's check this out more carefully.) so I made my appointment and went in again. The nice nurse pressed and flattened and squeezed my breast from every possible angle.  I was waiting for her to  say, "Now for this next one, you'll need to stand on your head . . ."  Then she left me in my stylish paper gown and took my pictures in to the radiologist.  At least they keep the waiting area nice and warm.  I've been in clinics that are as chill as a vegetable crisper.  I figured there would be a wait.  I brought my knitting.

Finally she returned.  The picture was clearer, but still not definitive (This is a footprint, but we can't say for sure what animal made it.) so I was sent on to the ultra-sound lab, where I was again mauled, squeezed and compressed until the nice lab tech got a clear enough picture of things.  I have dense breasts (stupid boobs) which make it difficult to see things clearly.  Rather like looking for a polar bear in a blizzard.  After all but shoving the wand between two of my ribs, the ultrasound tech and the radiologist agreed that they couldn't find that polar bear, but that didn't mean it wasn't out there, because something left that track.  Please come back in six months to repeat the process.

So I got in my car and headed home(feeling rather bruised and sorry for myself, and worrying a bit about that damn polar bear) but before I got out of the parking lot, another car  turned left across the flow of traffic right in front of me and I hit it.  No injuries.  No citations.  My air bag didn't even deploy.  My brave little habanero orange Prius nobly sacrificed itself to protect me.  It was the other driver's fault.  My car was totaled.

I spent two weeks without a car, relying on Kyle's kindness to take me where I needed to go.  I got a fair amount of sewing done, finished knitting an afghan, and started binge-watching "The Great British Baking Show."  And before you know it, the check had cleared the bank and we were  shopping for another car for me.  Kyle was on line and searching all over the US.  I wanted another orange Prius.  There were three available, one in New Jersey, one in Georgia, and one in LA. Not worth the shipping. Then he asked, "Would you like a yellow car?"  I could find the orange Prius in any parking lot I used.  Yellow might be equally visible so I agreed to try one on for size.  I am now the proud possessor of a 2014 Prius C, colored like a school bus.  HIGH visibility.  I'm calling her The Lemon Shark.

Yesterday, at 7:30 AM I took her in to get a few things adjusted.  As I was cruising down the freeway, (with an 18 wheeler on my tail), I saw a young man in the breakdown lane , crouched over and staggering.  He braced both hands against the jersey barrier and seemed to convulse.  I couldn't stomp on the brakes, but as I was looking for a place to pull over, I passed a young skunk trying to climb the barrier.  And I realized that this was a good deed which had not gone unpunished.  The poor boy had tried to rescue the skunk, and the skunk had defended itself.  What is the standard first aid for skunk spray?  I don't know.  Since it didn't appear to be life threatening, I drove on.


  • At 7:16 PM , Blogger Timothy Young said...

    Glad you got your replacement car.
    Feeling sorry for that guy, and laughing just a little.

  • At 5:50 PM , Blogger Delighted Hands said...

    Well, nothing like a little ripple or two in your pond! I'm glad the 'polar bear footprint' only needs a re-check in 6 months-that seems encouraging! The car accident is a bit unsettling to say the least; glad for the happy ending! My friend here loves her Prius and buys them again and again-her's is always white! lol

  • At 8:30 AM , Blogger Acorn to Oak said...

    Welcome back to blogging. I'm trying to get back to it and blog regularly again too. You're is good for us. That's one of the reasons I'm trying to do it again.

    I'd wondered how you were. I checked back a few times a while back and saw that you hadn't been blogging. But, I hadn't either and I know life gets busy and weird and sometimes I just couldn't get myself to do it. So, I figured that may have been the case with you as well. Glad to see you're doing fine.

    That poor guy! That would be SO horrible to be sprayed by a skunk. Oy!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!


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