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Friday, July 28, 2017

tea in the backyard

Imagine, my children, that you made some dear friends back in college.  Life took you in many different directions, but 40 years later, you still have connections.  This is my friend Linda M. who has been serving overseas in various missions for the past four decades.  Now, of an age to retire, she is looking to for a place to land.

After working in a refugee camp in Vietnam, in Bangladesh, in Pakistan, in Jordan, and other dangerous and exotic places, she is thinking about maybe settling in Portland.

She and another friend (Lucinda as she is known on Facebook) joined me for curried chicken salad, iced tea, and a plum tart in our backyard.  Shady, breezy, peaceful, easy.  We renewed old friendships and shared our varied histories.  I NEVER expected to get this old, and when I think about it, I have at least another 20 years to go.  What surprises do I still have in store?

Binge-watching the Greatest British Baking Show has inspired me to try short-crust tart shells and frangipane (ground almonds, butter, and eggs) filling with fresh fruit on top.  Oh my!  I can DO this.  Tarts are in my future.  Maybe I'll try a Bakewell tart next.


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