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Sunday, July 23, 2017

I am among the most fortunate of women!

Twenty three years ago, Kyle and I got married in our backyard.  This has been the happiest twenty three years of my life! Better than a third of my life with my wonderful, kind, smart, funny man.  Every morning I wake up and thank God for KYLE.

OK, you don't want to listen to me praise the guy all day (I could.  With praise enough to be continued on several subsequent days.)  But falling in love with Kyle was the best thing thing I ever did.  Thank you, Darling!!

The wedding was a real group effort.  Paul's mother made my pink silk wedding dress, Tamara made the cake (Delicious!!) Jason and Cynthia did the photography, Dennis and Lynn got us a deal on the champagne.  The day was the hottest day of the year, and our backyard was an oasis of shade and pink balloons.  It was glorious!  Paul was Kyle's best man.  Lynn was my matron of Honor.  Everett, who introduced Kyle and me, was the Man of Honor.  The guys were heroic enough to wear navy wool blazers for the ceremony. They looked SO sharp!!  Friends and familymade it such a splendid party.  And for days afterwards, I was spotting runaway balloon nestled in tree branches around the neighborhood.

Yesterday, we went on a Volkswalk in the local timber town of Estacada on the serene Clackamas river.  We did a leisurely walk along the river, into town, through the street festivities, admiring the plethora of murals, with a brief stop at the AW root beer stand for hydration, then back along the river to the park again.  Six K total.  I am so out of shape, but Kyle was kind enough to go slow and I enjoyed the whole thing thoroughly!


  • At 3:31 AM , Anonymous Janette said...

    Happy 23rd Wedding Anniversary Roxie and Kyle! Sounds like you had a perfect day xx


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