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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sales are dangerous

I went to Joanne's yesterday for three skeins of red embroidery floss.  Came out with $31 worth of stuff.  I saved $16 on it, and it's all stuff I WILL use, but geeze . . . the biggest chunk was the canvas tote bags -- Medium and large sized tote bags.  A three pack missing one -instead of 3 for $11, I got 2 for $2.49  If I bought just a single one, it would have cost $3.99  (SCORE!!)  So that was $4.99  for four sturdy, heavy canvas tote bags.  How can I pass that up?

And a box of brightly colored blank cards, 40% off, because I like to send cards and haven't done so for too long.  Also, because we will be camped for the 'clips for almost a week with teens and tweens, and embellishing brightly colored cards is a reasonable craft project for those 90 degree afternoons.  Hence the bottle of rubber cement as well.  We will be staying with my niece, Cheryl, who has loads of crafty supplies, so these cards will be noteworthy!  Hmm, and with three teen girls in the house, I bet we could use some old nail polish to paint awesome designs . . .  Where did I put that old polish? (I use old nail polish to mark MY scissors for group sews, or OUR hammers when Kyle helps friends, or . . you know. Old eyes - this is the On position for the headset power button.)

I also bought some dye, because people have given me stained white sheets that need to be dyed and cut up for quilting.  Another great 'clips project.  We can spread the sheets out on the lawn, splotch and spritz to our heart's content, roll the artworks up in garbage bags, and let them cook in the afore-mentioned 90 degree sunshine for the remainder of the afternoon.  The next day, when things heat up, we can unwrap, hose down, and admire our creativity.  (I plan on doing the blues and greens together, and the pinks and purples together.  I will try to avoid the green and magenta cross-dyes.)

Also some iron-on transfers because I am taking a load of estate-sale napkins on the trip with intention to embroider and teach others to do the same.  Also, embroidery floss (The original intent.)

Also . . .Well, it was all an awesome good sale.  And I had such a lovely time, poking through the deals!  Joanne's is a toy store for me.  Or a candy shop.

I was strong.  I did NOT buy more yarn or fabric, though there were great bargains.  I stayed strictly away from the baking aisles.  And the beading.  I did, at the last minute, succumb to a beach tote with a big pink flamingo on it.  My sister-in-law loves flamingoes.  I don't know what I'm getting her for Christmas, but I know what I will wrap it in.

SO, next month, I have loads of fun stuff to do for the almost a week that we will be camped.  I still have to think about what knitting to take, though.


  • At 3:36 AM , Anonymous Janette said...

    You truly are so much fun!
    Have a great time.


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