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Monday, June 01, 2015

Diligently quilting

 Actually, it's not a quilt.  It's another pieced and tied comforter, for another great-nephew who will be getting married this summer.  I asked his girlfriend if they would like a quilt for a wedding present, and she was thrilled (or at least polite enough to pretend to be.)  I asked her what colors, and she said, "His favorite color is pink." I thought maybe she was pulling my leg (she has a great sense of humor) so I asked his mom.  "Pink and black"  Well that's awesome since I already have two apple boxes full of pink fabrics.  I love pink, too.  So here's a stripy, scrappy pink and black quilt.
I love, love, love crazy piecing, so I used up a lot of my pink and pinkish scraps for the back.    Then I sat down at the dining table with the whole thing spread out flat, and using my 3X5 index card for a ruler, tied it every five inches.  On a queen-sized quilt, that's a lot of ties.  I had a recorded book going, and it took me the better part of an afternoon.  And now it's all done and I'm off to my next project! (projects) I am going to finish the re-write on my fourth Sanna novel and get it to the publishers this week.  And for TV time, I am finishing a baby blanket for the neighbor across the street who is due tomorrow.

This Saturday, I'll be hosting the monthly tea.  Yes, it's week early, but on our usual second Saturday, I need to be in central Oregon to share a celebration of life / memorial service for a guy who was probably the best friend my parents had.  He befriended Dad when Dad first came to central Oregon.  Taught him to ride, camp and hunt.  Gave him excellent, practical advice for real-estate  investments. When WWII started, Red joined the Navy, but was given a medical discharge because he physically sick from home-sickness.  So, during the war, he was one of the few strong, young, able-bodied men available to work in the lumber mill for Dad.  Red was the youngest of a large family, quit school early to help bring in an income.  He was a horse-trainer and a natural cowboy.  He did some hunting and trapping for varmint bounties.  He built his own house, married a wonderful woman, and raised two kids.  zither didn't have an indoor toilet until the late 60s.  I remember sleeping over with his daughter who was my age, and on summer nights, they would throw a mattress out in the front yard, and we would sleep under the wide, bright stars. Red was the one who would show up and say hi about once a month as Mom and Dad were failing.  He kept them up on the latest gossip and news around town.  He was unfailingly kind, honest, and loyal.  There is no way I could miss his send-off.

So the tea-party will be a week early.  And I'm of two minds about how to do this.  It may be warm enough to party in the backyard, which means buffet-type set-up and clusters of conversation.  Use the buffet plate and cup sets I have been collecting.  Floral napkins.  Cover the beat-up lawn furniture with sheets and yardage.  Three tea pots staged handily.  Also iced tea and maybe lemonade.

Or it may still be too chilly, so that means indoors around the table.  Theme "blue" with blueberry coffeecake, blue and white china,  blue table-cloth and napkins.  Either way, I'll serve cucumber sandwiches, cheese biscuits, raspberries in chocolate cookie cups, and maybe Mexican wedding cakes. (note: buy hazelnuts).  If you're coming, let me know by Thursday.


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