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Saturday, May 23, 2015


So we drove to Murray's house where we spent the night.  Patti let me use her bathtub.  Two weeks without a real bath.  It. Was. Bliss!  I soaked and scrubbed and simmered.  I borrowed her shampoo and sudsed my curly locks.  I scoured nooks and crannies.  How can you really clean the soles of your feet when you're standing on them?  Between the toes?  I am not so well balanced.

Kyle's mom, Betty, is 80 years old and not as limber as once she was, but just as determined as she ever was.  With help from the front and help from the back, she made it up the steps and rode with us in the RV as we drove to visit Kyle's Aunt and cousins in Temecula, where we spent a lovely day and a pleasant night.  Then we loaded Betty up again and headed off to Azusa to Brother Dennis and his wife, Yolanda  .More pleasant chatting, then Yolanda and I took Betty to a doctor's appointment, then home.  Bet she was glad to sleep in her own bed again.

Our last day in LA we spent with Kyle's sister and brother-in law in El Segundo - a beautiful little beach town.  The next morning, Kyle rolled out at 3AM to drive us out of LA before the morning rush hour hit.  I stayed in bed.  About 6 AM he stopped for gas, and I got dressed and joined him in the front.  He just got the bit in his teeth and headed for home.

Lake Shasta is a primary water source for LA, but the drought has punished it severely.  That fifty foot pale strip above the water?  That the lake-bed showing.  The fish are learning to walk. It's rather frightening to see how depleted the lake is.

We finally stopped just North of Medford, Or.  Kyle was saying, "It's only another 300 miles to home, but I don't think I can do it."

So we woke bright and early and followed this truck into Eugene where we got excellent tea, coffee, and service by walking up to the window at a drive through coffee shop.

And at last, we made the final push for home,  with a brief stop at the dump site to empty our septic tank.  5 days of dry camping with no sewer-hook-ups.  It was kind of necessary.

And at last we rolled into our own driveway at noon.  The lawn is just about long enough to bale.  The calla lilies are about four feet tall.  The roses have burst into an exuberance of bloom.  The cats were ecstatic to get back to a bed they could hide under. And I got to spend several hours in my very own bathtub.  Life is good.

So, how are you doing?


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