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“I never seem to have what I need when I need it. I’m going to make a belt-bag that’s bigger on the inside than on the outside, and just carry everything with me.”

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May-be I can keep blogging.

I have things to do.  A pieced comforter to finish for a wedding in August. A pieced comforter for Kyle's best friend.  A pieced comforter for Kyle's favorite cousin.  A pair of purple monster-foot slippers for a dear niece-in-law.  Buttons and embellishments to put on a vest I knitted on the trip.  A baby blanket to knit for the gal across the street who is due any day now.  A pair of fingerless gloves to finish, and another pair to knit.  I got two cones of Aunt Lydia's Sugar and cream cotton yarn, knit two cotton baby blankets on the trip, and gave them away as we went.

I walked down to JoAnne's today and bought five yards of micro-fleece to back the quilts, and a pound of purple acrylic yarn for the slippers.  I spent $24 and saved $42.  I love combining sales and coupons!!

I have thank-you letters to write, a story to finish, and the final re-write on a novel.  And I have spent the past two days napping.  The yard is a weed patch.  The next tea needs to be planned.  Laundry and dishes don't do themselves.  And yet, here I sit, feet up and cat on lap.  And another nap attack is climbing up onto my eyelids.  Maybe it's the cool overcast day.  Maybe the cats are covering me with sleepy sand.  Maybe the trip and the flu took more out of me than I thought.  Maybe I'm an indolent slug. Whatever.  I'm reveling in the languor and relaxation.  And as long as I'm still sleeping at night, these extra naps can't be doing me too much harm.

But the problem with being retired is, if there's always time to do it tomorrow, it never gets done.

Soo, where to start?  I know!  I'll make a list of the things I have to do.  Number one.  Make a list . . .


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