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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Almost done with the re-write

This is what early June looks like around here.  Everything is green and lush.  This is a patch of woods on the corner of the community college campus, and all that green ground cover is weeds.  By July, they will be brown and tinder-dry, but right now, the whole world is a park!

By Friday I will have the final re-write sent to the publishers, and, thanks to a wonderfully generous patron, I will have the fourth book in the Sanna series in process.  Sanna and the Empress takes our heroine from the Thon Academy of Higher Magic for Young Ladies of Exceptional Talent and throws her headfirst into yet another culture and environment.  Power gems, effrits, pirates and assassins all have to be dealt with, and Sanna finally gets her heart's desire.

I hope to have all four books available for sale by Christmas.  Wish me luck!


  • At 10:46 AM , Anonymous Sandy O' said...

    Best wishes on your book! It must feel great to be so close to the finish.

  • At 2:39 PM , Blogger Delighted Hands said...

    How exciting! I love a good fantasy series; I will keep watching for your progress!
    The yard is lush-how nice.

  • At 7:39 PM , Blogger Timothy Young said...

    Congrats on getting your book done and sent off. You sure get a lot of stuff created now that you have retired.

    This time of year is hard on painters in the Northwest. We don't want to paint 50 shades of green but that's what the we have this time of year. I'm looking forward to a little dry grass.

  • At 5:13 AM , Blogger Saren Johnson said...

    I don't need to wish you luck, you've already got it!!

  • At 4:37 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    Yay! A new Sanna book! I can't wait to see what happens to Our Fair Heroine.

  • At 8:11 PM , Blogger Galad said...

    Great news of another Sanna adventure! Your fans are waiting :)

  • At 11:08 PM , Blogger Rose L said...

    YOU GO GIRL!!!


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