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Monday, August 12, 2013

The letter K

Kenekes Barbecue on Oahu.  DonnaLee had knitted me a pair of socks, and I couldn't take Donna Lee with me, but I took the socks and they had a wonderful time in Hawaii.

Kenekes is awesome food!
 Kink radio station Kiosk at the Portland Bridge Pedal
 Kyle, my darling husband, the man who hung the moon and can fix a rainy day.
Keen shoes -great comfy athletic shoes.  Not girly shoes, but good shoes.
 Kadota Figs.  Yum  Love figs!!
Kitty.  There were lots of Kitty photos.  I could have done an all kitty post.  Ben likes nesting in my yarn baskets.


  • At 7:00 AM , Blogger Timothy Young said...

    Keen photos, I like the kitty and the Kiss the best.
    I'm surprised you missed knot, knitters know knots.

  • At 8:33 AM , Blogger Acorn to Oak said...

    Great K post. I love Keen shoes! You're right...Not girly but very comfy and durable. Great kiss photo.

  • At 10:56 AM , Anonymous Sandy O" said...

    I wanted to photography my husband's Knobby Knees with his Knickers, but he wouldn't Kooperate. Looks like you had a good time! Fun fun pictures!!

  • At 5:00 AM , Blogger Saren Johnson said...

    I'm sure Donna Lee would have rather been in Hawaii verses the socks.

  • At 5:16 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    These are great K photos! You have a good eye for these.

  • At 5:52 AM , Anonymous Benita said...

    Awwww! I love the kiss at the end! You live an enchanted life.

  • At 8:33 AM , Anonymous Judy S said...

    You photographed some amazing K's! LOVE LOVE LOVE the knees!!! :-)


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