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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Cancer fears the walker and exercise keeps the mind sharp.  So I have committed to getting at least four thousand steps a day this week.  I know ten thousand steps daily is the optimum, but I like to shoot for attainable goals.  To my dismay, it takes more than a moderately active day around the house to achieve four thousand.  It involves lifting my hams out of the hammock and actually Going For A  Walk.  And sweating.  Still, I suppose it's worth it, so I'd better pull on my big girl panties and step out.

Unfortunately, I'm running low on big girl panties.  See, you can get attractive panties, or you can get big panties, but rarely will the twain ever conjoin.  Victoria's Secret has scads of adorable little panties that would fit someone with a butt like two goose eggs in a napkin. Any color or combination of colors, with ribbons, lace, cute prints, even sparkles.  In bikini, high-rise, low-rise, thong, boy-shorts, and whatever the latest whim of fashion might be.

 As size goes up, though, the attractive factor goes down.  If your fundament is the size of  small pumpkin, you can choose microfiber or cotton knit in blue, pink, nude or black.  And the style selection is thong, or boy-shorts.  I like bikini.

If you have a backside that fits snugly into the average airplane seat, there's always the department stores and the nylon granny panties that resemble boxer shorts without the fly.  You can be covered up to the waist and half way to the knee in white nylon knit that will yellow in no time at all and will, on a dry day, create a static charge sufficient to ignite ether.

Or you can get lucky and find an occasional on-line resource for X-large white cotton knit panties that you can then dye with Rit if you feel so inclined, and roll the waist down to below the hipbones where they feel right.

Yesterday I took myself off for an adventure.  Walmart has opened in the area, and I decided I could explore and get in a few steps at the same time.  It wasn't near as exciting as I had expected.  No one trotting around in outrageous clothes like the Walmartians you see on U-tube.  There were normal people looking for normal things.  I walked up and down every aisle to get the steps in.  OK, I skipped the camping department.  But I walked up and down hardware and infants and bedding and . . . I was working myself up to the front when I found - Big Girl Panties.  Womanly sizes in a variety of cute styles and colors!  And bras!  Big Girl bras!  In colors and affordable prices.  No one TOLD me!  I saw very few teensy bitty bits of lingerie.  Most of the stock is made for Big Girls!  WaaHooo! Size X-L bikinis with bows and colors and floral prints!

So now I have lots of big girl panties, and I plan on going on many more walks.  It's easier to walk with a friend though.  Anyone want to join me?


  • At 4:30 PM , Blogger Rose L said...

    Big girl panties! LOL Well, I prefer bikinis as they cover it all up but do not go to the waist, just hug my hips. So comfortable.

  • At 4:37 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    I would walk with you if you were here :)

  • At 8:03 AM , Anonymous Benita said...

    Girl, what you need are Tie-Dyed panties!!!!

  • At 11:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    If it weren't for my dog Duffy, I wouldn't walk as much! It's much easier to exercise on a bike. Just don't get your (big girl) panties in a wad! (One of my favorite expressions!)

  • At 5:51 AM , Blogger Saren Johnson said...

    Just be sure to leave the wallet at home when walking.


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