Sanna's Bag

“I never seem to have what I need when I need it. I’m going to make a belt-bag that’s bigger on the inside than on the outside, and just carry everything with me.”

Monday, July 29, 2013

The letter I

 Injury  (All healed now)

 illiterate (they are sitting next to the warning that says, "Please do not sit or stand on curb)

Intrepid, indomitable, impulsive
Illusion  (the pyramid is about three feet high)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What's bugging you?

We are besieged by fleas.  I have been trying to go low toxicity and low expense, and the fleas couldn't be happier.  So we are preparing to bomb the hell out of the house, and dose the poor cats with Advantage.  When Kyle gets into the car and fleas jump off his shirt, it's time to bring out the big guns. We are open to any and all suggestions.

I will categorically state that both Kirkland and Sargent's topical treatments are as about as effective as dipping the cats in cold pee.  They hate it.  It stinks, and the fleas don't care one way or another.

On a more positive note, yesterday Kyle and I participated in another Volkeswalk. Yay us! At the end, I was dripping sweat from every possible point. There was a lot of hills on this one, and my Fitbit says we climbed the equivalent of 115 flights of stairs.  To celebrate, we went out out to Parrish restaurant downtown and I had a dozen raw oysters for lunch.  It was HEAVEN!!   Six Tillamook sweets and six Alaska golds on the half-shell.  It's wonderful how different the humble oyster tastes when it comes from different locations.  Then, on the way back, we stopped at our favorite market, Sherridan's and found the first figs of the season.

It was a lovely, lovey day
I sweat till I was moister,
then bathed and sauntered out
to feast on figs and oysters.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

trying new things

On Sunday I went on a casting call for extras for the TV show Grimm.  I had already registered online, but had no idea what this next step would be.  I arrived half an hour before the opening time, and the line was already half-way around the block.  I am so glad I was smart enough to wear comfortable shoes.  This whole thing involved two and a half hours of waiting in line, then a quick photograph, and I was dismissed.  Um, hello?  They said to be prepared for hurry-up-and-wait.  They really, really meant it!!

It was interesting to consider the hundreds of other folks who were also applying to work as extras for Grimm.  We had the full gamut of ages, races, body types and personal styles.  I did notice that white, middle-aged women were perhaps over-represented and African-Americans were decidedly under-represented in proportion to the city's population. Older African Americans who want to work as extras don't have a lot of competition, nor do older Hispanics.

One fellow brought his labradoodle to be cast as an extra.  The dog was not happy, but resigned and polite.  Many younger folks showed up dressed to be noticed.  The thing about extras, you're not supposed to stand out.  You are background.  You should NOT be noticed.  The agency handling the casting has pages of guidelines, and one thing that struck me is that, if you get called for a show, you bring three different conservative, casual outfits unless they tell you differently.  No bright colors.  No prints or stripes.  No whites or pastels. No t-shirts with words on them.  Dark, comfortable, conservative shoes.  Unless they tell you different, you are to become wallpaper.  Good thing I have lots of navy and gray in my closet.

And they stress, over and over, that you will need to bring something to occupy yourself quietly for hours at a time.  Oh gee, what could I possibly do?  Knitting!  Writing! Reading!  They pay you to just sit and wait.  This could be very productive time for me. If I ever get called, that is.

In the meantime, I am sitting in the back yard, enjoying the heck out of the morning.  There are birds tweedleing all around.  A couple of squirrels up in the walnut tree are shelling green walnuts in a pattering rain of bite-sized bits of hulls.  The sun is nestling in the cup of a rose like a small pink lantern.    My tea is hot and sweet, my bathrobe is thick and warm, the air is cool and fresh, and I am so very glad to be alive.  This is what I want to do when I grow up.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The letter H

 Mt Hood
                                               Hula dancer statue with puppet




                                                                     Pack like a Hobbit




Hind end
 Husband wearing a Samoan Lavalava.  He goes native very nicely.

House in Samoa  Yes, really.  No walls.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A new quilt

MJ and I got together on Friday and sewed a quick quilt for a baby.  I had a stack of Hawaiian fabric squares.  We sewed them into strips, sewed the strips to blue strips, and voila, a quilt top!  there are lots more squares of Hawaiian fabric left.  At least two more baby quilts worth if we extend them like this.  These are for the Medical Team International orphanages.  We get to play with colors, have quality girl time together, and help babies sleep warm.  There is No downside to this.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm famous!

My dear friend, Rose, wanted a puppet.  I made her one.  She posted pictures of Pearl Purrfect on her blog.  In exchange, she used her photographic and computer skills to make me some greeting cards.  Go check these out!

Guess I'd better review Mae West and get myself a corset. Then you can, ". . . come up and see me sometime."

Really, go check this out.  You'll laugh.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I have a mind like a steel sieve

So on the G day, did I remember to include Geode?  No, that gorgeous, gigantic geode dropped right out of my memory.

Attention youngsters; one reason you want to develop habits of good hygiene is because you will come to a point in your life when you can't remember if you have brushed your teeth or not.  If you have that sort of thing set up in auto-pilot, you will be more pleasant to visit.  Thank God for routine!  If I had to remember every day to feed the cats, unload the dishwasher, have breakfast, get dressed, I'd be starving and naked until the cats devoured me.
 The Geode belongs to Judy.  I made her a set of puppets to attend her oxygen tanks.  Here she is with one of them.  We have decided that this girl is naughty, but as of last report, she was nameless.  If you look at her chest, you will see that she has a banjo.  This does not bode well for a quiet, shy, retiring person.  Thank goodness Judy isn't.

Here is the other puppet.  Her name is Becky.  She had a ball at the Sisters quilt show, petting passing dogs, rifling through books, and chatting up strangers.  Judy and Maggie took the Fabric Depot bus to the quilt show on Saturday.

 LG and I did as well.  3 1/2 hours one way through breathtaking scenery.  I grew up in the Sisters area, so was able to identify passing scenery.  Depoe lake, Three Fingered Jack (a mountain peak) Mt Adams, Suttle Lake, Black Butte.  The bus was big and we sat quite high, so the views were stunning.  We passed through an area that burned over about 8 years ago, and everyone got quiet at the sight of all the dead trees still standing amidst the underbrush that was coming back with enthusiasm.
 Here's LG at the show.  The Quilt Show in Sisters has quilts hanging outside most of the buildings, between trees in the parks, inside a number of buildings, on racks between buildings, anywhere you can imagine a quilt could be displayed.
 Even under the eaves of the drive-in.  We considered going there for lunch, but the Lutheran Church offered sandwiches, salads, and homemade pie, so the choice was pretty easy. I had the blackberry crumble.  LG had blueberry I think.

One of the fun things for me was the skinny old cowboys from the church who were standing around to help keep the tables clear and clean, and help people find places to sit.  I grew up around skinny old cowboys.  It made my heart happy to see them.

Among the displays at the show was this quilted car cozy.  Behind it, in the upper left of the photo, you can see a bit of the quilted hot air balloon.

Poor LG had to put up with my reminiscing as we wandered around a town that has tripled in size since I was a tyke.  "I remember when this was just a dirt street.  In fact, I remember when they graveled it to cut down the dust."  "I remember when that hotel had the best ice cream in the county."  I remember the house that used to be in this vacant lot.  It was white with yellow trim."  Why do I do this?  It's not as if my memories are of interest to anyone else.  Who cares about the house that used to be on that vacant lot?  It's not as if there's a story attached.  But I couldn't help myself.  The hot dry air on my skin, the scent of juniper and pine, the angle of the sunlight and the blueness of the sky . . . it was a continual trip over  memory lane.  And then, those skinny old cowboys . . .

Monday, July 15, 2013

The letter G


A small middle-class cottage that once belonged to a stonemason.  Huge wall and gateway that don't quite fit the rest of the property.

The gardner here has stuffed plants into every possible inch of soil.

Love the morning light behind it.


My geranium.  ;-)

Kyle's toy. ;-)
Golfballs in the grass

Extra long fingers with open ends so I can push them back and be dexterous.

Giggles at the quilt show

(The men's room had only 2 stalls, but even that was a help.  And then, some of us old cowgirls knew how to use the urinals, so that relieved the pressure a bit as well.)
 Giddy quilt show girl
Ginko leaves on a quilt
 Gorgeous guy on a quilt.
LG and I went to the Sisters Quilt Show, so when Q comes around, I - am - set!