Sanna's Bag

“I never seem to have what I need when I need it. I’m going to make a belt-bag that’s bigger on the inside than on the outside, and just carry everything with me.”

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Maggie  and I went for a walk at the Japanese Gardens today.  Maggie is a great walking partner for the gardens because she likes to pause and appreciate the view every few steps.  I tired to not go too crazy with the camera - I ended up with only 63 photos.

Lovely Maggie!

I lay down on my back to take this photo. I love the structure of the trunk and limbs on these beautiful Japanese maples.

The sun was just burning through the fog, so there was a lot of "Atmosphere" in many of the photos.  And I'm thinking we should go back at least once every season.

Thank you, Maggie - what a splendid walk we had!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Further race results

We came in 1018 and 1019 out of 1026, so we were NOT the slowest walkers!  Moreover, we were 11th (me) and 17th (Kyle) in our age classes.  As I look over the results, I see the people came from as far away as North Carolina and Alaska to compete in this race.  Well, heck, if I had realized this was a competition, I would never have signed up!  No wonder everyone took it so seriously.  And there were a lot of people who cheated.  There was one section of the course that was about half a mile up one side of the street and down the other, with observers at each end.  As soon as some folks got out of sight in the fog, they cut across and shortened their walk by about a mile.  Cheaters!!  We went the whole way because we were doing the walk to challenge ourselves. Heck, if we had wanted to cheat, we could have walked a couple of blocks, ducked into a coffeeshop, sat all warm and happy for an hour, then strolled back up and jogged over the finish line. Yayyy!  Look at those old folks - fresh as a couple of daisies after going six miles!

I rubbed BenGay everywhere I could think of, but I didn't think of my shins.  That's the only place that hurts this morning.  BenGay is my FRIEND!

Also, I have a weigh-in today, and the resentful muscles are retaining water so I have a weight gain.  Thass OK.  Next week will show a good loss.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some fancy footwork

Kyle and I have been doing quite a lot of walking this weekend.  On Saturday we did a magnificent 6K volkswalk through a beautiful neighborhood.  It was a splendid Indian Summer morning, bright and clear and sunny and the miles just flew by.  The neighborhood was designed to be foot-traffic friendly, with wood chip covered paths through the subdivisions, and an elevated boardwalk through the neighborhood wetland.  The views were lovely!

A shady bower fit for Titania.
An incandescent Maple tree.

Then, on Sunday, we got up a bit earlier for the "Run Like Hell" charity run to help a young woman pay for her lupus medications.  We didn't run - oh my no.  But we went for the 10K walk. There was also a half-marathon, a 10K run, and a 5K run/walk.  As it is the season, people were encouraged to participate in costume

A black-winged fairy I presume.  There were LOTS of fairies and butterflies, lots of guys dressed as unicorns, And lots of folks of both sexes wearing tutus.  

It's not easy to come up with a costume that can be run in.  I watched a male unicorn putting bandaids over his nipples.

After the glorious day we had on Saturday, we were prepared for more sun and warm weather.  Instead, we had thick fog  with a stiff breeze.  It was cold!  I wished I had brought a hat and gloves.  (I wore white tights, a red mini-skirt and a blue t-shirt, topped with red devil horns.  I went as a Republican in the House of Representatives.) (Kyle went as a shy guy with a weird wife.)

Here we see a rainbow family.  The wigs helped keep them warm.

A cheerful dragon.  People kept asking him to blow on their hands. I guess he was too small to breathe fire.

 As I said, lots of folks in tutus.

So how did we do?  Well, given that I am a wuss, and we were easily the oldest walkers in the 10K, and we started at the back of the pack - - - yeah, we were the spot on the end of the tail - the last of the 10K group to complete the route.  The rescue wagon passed us at the first water stop, and by the  time we reached the half-way mark, folks were taking down the barricades and the signs directing us where to go.  In fact, we got lost.  A couple of times.  We knew where we were, and we knew where we were headed, but we sort of had to bushwhack the last two miles.  Heck, we're used to Volkswalkers. They give you a map AND written directions, and no one races.  Slow and steady oldsters. For the Run Like Hell, with over 4 thousand participants, there were 17 guys in Kyle's age category, and there were 12 women in my age category.  All these speedy youngsters showed us their heels!

But, damn it, I walked 10 chilly, foggy, crappy kilometers on the hard streets and didn't whine at ALL until the last mile or so.  And Kyle, bless his dear heart, could have done it in half the time but he slowed down to keep me company, the prince!

I got home. peeled off my sweat-soaked and freezing clothes, and hopped into the hot tub.  I am now bundled in my comfy sweats with Thermawraps on my back and neck, and a cup of hot cream of chantourelle soup to sip.  There is pride in accomplishing it, even if I didn't win!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The letter T

I thought that T would be so easy that I didn't work on it at all. Oops.  So, already, I'm considering what to do for U.  Underwater?  Underwear? Uppity?

So here we go on the Ts I snapped Today.

Tree.  Today is an awesome, clear and sunny day in October, and the trees are really showing their color.  I may go for a stroll later and shoot some more picture.  These yellow leaves are portions of sunshine, saved up all summer long.
Tea.  I had a loss at Weight Watcher's today, and so am treating myself to two chocolate chip cookies and some figs with my mid-morning tea.  Oh dear goodness I love fresh figs!  I may put the cookies back and eat a few more figs. I am drinking Steven Smith Masalla Chai Tea today.  Tasty!!
Teeth.  All that tea does have long-term effects.  My teeth are yellowing. And there's nothing like a selfie to bring a few other facts home.  Like, my face is so freaking asymmetrical that even if I HAD gotten braces back in my youth, I would still have a crooked grin.  It just adds to my quirky charm, right?  And at least I still HAVE teeth.  During the American civil war, one of the requirements to be a soldier was that you had to have at least two teeth that met in a bite so you could rip the paper off your cartridges.  Numbers of men were disqualified for this reason.  That I should reach 63 and still have all my own teeth (Even if the ARE crooked and yellow)is a thing to be profoundly grateful for!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumn’s Orphans

It’s just half-past October, and even the sunrise is headed south.
Another bright summer is over.  The slate grey days are here.
The geese scrawl their cunieiform message across the sky:
“This way out,” > they say. “This way.” > “This way.” 
Our snowbird friends have flown and we stand
yearning after them and wishing for wings.
The days narrow down to year’s end.
The cold nestles into our souls.
The crystal air has an edge,
and winter is into us
with her first

Monday, October 07, 2013

The letter S


Storm drain
I have been told that these are Skinks - a type of Salamander.
A Split in the asphalt Sidewalk
Solar panel
Skeletons and Spooks  Each skeleton takes at least three bleach bottles.  This must be a VERY sanitary house.