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Friday, September 08, 2017

Quiet day

Thursday, Kyle was down with a bad tooth. A very, very quiet day. I got a lot of knitting done. Kyle and I have moved into Dennis and Yolanda's basement with the cats because the AC in the RV is just not co-operating. Thank God for tolerant and understanding family.

Today we hope to make it to the local County fair and rodeo. I Love fairs! Can't wait to see how the local ladies put up their preserves (carrot coins arranged in a meticulous spiral in the jar? Cucumbers selected to be all precisely the same size and tucked into their pickling jar with orthographic precision. And I understand that Arizona has some demon quilters. I'm eager to see. Photos will be forthcoming!

It's another cloudless day. One of the things I love about this place is the vast expanse of sky and the way the light changes through the day.

Have you ever read any of the Tony Hillerman mysteries? Sgt. Joe Leaphorn and Detective Jim Chee of the Navaho Native Police work in this country, and being here brings the books vividly to life. I'm going to have to re-read when I get home.

When Tony Hillerman died, his daughter took over the series. She very cleverly took a subordinate character, Jim Chee's wife, and carried on the mysteries from a female perspective. Vastly enjoyable reading. And both Hillermans convey the power and the presence of the landscape. This end of Arizona is magnificent!!

it rained on Tuesday. by Thursday, the gravel parking strip had erupted in fierce little bits of greenery the were defiantly blooming. Life wastes no time in the desert.


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