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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Episode 3, continued

Purl: Looks like the crowd is headed through that door. Fargo, Intarsia, shall we follow?

Fargo: Ladies first!

Intarsia: Wow, this place looks like a badly lighted horror movie set. Candle light is flattering but sure leaves lots of shadows along the walls. Those big open beams overhead must be a nightmare to dust. And those red velvet draperies over the windows - what a spider ranch!

Fargo: If this is the dining room, where are the tables?

Gina:(With Italian accent) Madonna mia! La Intarsia! Theresa, ecco! Se La Intarsia!

Theresa:(With Italian accent) Signoria Intarsia! I - we - you - Te adoro! (giggle)

Intarsia: Thank you, ladies. What brings you to this lovely castle?

Gina: Every year, La Baronessa gives the scarlet ball - just for her special friends. This year, for the first time, Igor has invited us to join him. That's Igor - by the door.

Fargo: The tall grey-haired guy in the cardinal-red tights and doublet?

Theresa: He has beautiful legs - no?

Gina: And he has beautiful strength too. (giggles)

Theresa (giggles)

Purl: Eeeew! He's like, about a hundred and four years old!

Gina: He is magnifico!

Theresa: And rich.

Purl: Oh, that's just gross!

Intarsia: Purl, let's not be judgemental.

Purl: Well it gives me the creeps. This whole set-up gives me the creeps. It's like that Edgar Allen Poe story. I almost wish we had taken our chances with the wolves.

Intarsia: "The Red Mask?" Well, people do try to be original with their party themes.


Sergai: Signores e Signorinas, La Baroness!

Fargo: Wow! Look at those - oof! Why did you elbow me in the ribs, Intarsia? I was going to say that the rubies in her necklace are the size of golfballs.

Purl: And check out the size of the putting green. Bet they're fake. The rest of her is all skin and bones.

Intarsia: I can dress you up but I can't take you anywhere! She's a bit long in the tooth to carry off that ruffly wine-colored chiffon, but she does work it well. Um, do you notice how all the skinny older folks are grouping near the door?

Purl: Hey, there aren't any windows behind these draperies. It's just bare walls. I bet that door is the only way out.

Fargo: And Sergai is locking it.


  • At 11:49 AM , Blogger KnitTech said...

    Oh NO!! Getting locked in a room, this could be bad!

  • At 1:13 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    Dark scary music and ominous drum rolls...organ chords in minor keys...

  • At 5:18 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    "blood" red rubies? I'll bet they could take Sergai and run out the door.


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