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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Howdy 2009

We started our new year with a fabulous brunch at the home of PW and TW,
and Ethel, who, as you can see by her profound rotundity, is an excellent advertisement for the quality of the cooking. Brunch was southern themed, with black-eyed peas (for luck) and grits, and sweetpotato hash with smoked turkey, crowned with poached eggs. For that bit of exotica, we also had mimosas made with blood-orange juice or pomegranet juice. Appetizers of wonderful soft cheese and crackers, and artichokes with remolade. It was a splendid party and a grand time was had by all.

It is no comment on the hosts or the company (five more intelligent, well-informed and witty people) what so ever when I say that I made a distressing discovery during our splendid afternoon. I'm rather a shallow person. People were discussing politics and economics, and I found my mind wandering quite far afield. These are serious, important topics,and they did not engage my attention. I was enthralled by PW's tales of growing up in NewYork City, and by stories of various musical tours that PW or JE had worked sound or lights for. In fact, all the stories on any topic held my attention, but when we moved to the doom and gloom of the current economy, and the possible future, I was looking for sand to stick my head into.

How does one become less shallow, more serious and inclined to listen to business reports on the tv, rather than Bugs Bunny cartoons?

That night, it snowed again, and I had to go in to work, so I pulled on my big girl panties and hit the streets. I drove slow, and the roads weren't bad at all.

The campus, in snow, is beautiful.

Deer tracks across the parking lot slush.

The snow had been preceeded by a lot of rain, on top of the meltwater from the past two weeks. Flooding and landslides are all around us. When I woke up to head to work, the house seemed cold. I checked the furnace and it was burning away like fury, but no heat was coming through the vents. DH lifted a vent to find water in all our heat ducts. The crawl space under the house has flooded and though we have electricity, we have no furnace. Thank goodness we have a gas fireplace!!
Cats like a nice fireplace!


  • At 11:46 AM , Blogger Alwen said...

    We had a record December snowfall, 50 inches, followed by a record 60 degree F high and 2 inches of rain.

    There is still water (now ice) over the road I drive our son to school on, and our well pit flooded with snowmelt. Crazy!

  • At 12:33 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Wow-- water in the ducts, how do you fix that? Otherwise it sounds like a lovely brunch, and I have a confession to make to you...

    I zone out during most political stuff too.

    I guess I figure that I'll write myself a perfect world and then I can leave the fixing of this one to people who have a clue where to start.

  • At 7:48 PM , Blogger Jejune said...

    Hope you get the flooding thing sorted quick smart, and don't freeze!

    I figure it's important to have people in the world who prefer the cartoons to the politics - it's too bloody serious so much of the time. As long as you're living your life with meaning and joy and thoughtfulness - and I certainly get the impression you do - that's exactly what is needed!

    That's all folks! ;)

  • At 9:13 AM , Blogger Galad said...

    Focusing on the topics you enjoy isn't shallow - it's probably more healthy :-)

    Hope your electricity has been restored. The fireplace is great for heat, but the whole light thing can be a problem!

  • At 10:36 AM , Blogger Heide said...

    Oh dear, I hope you didn't suffer permanent water damage and that all parts of your house are back in working order again. Love the kitty pictures. Politics suck and should never be discussed in polite society.

  • At 3:40 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    Oh yeah, water in the heat ducts. Not happy.

    I don't think you are at all shallow. You're a realist. There's nothing you can do about the situation, so you don't waste time or energy on it. It's best to make sure you and DH are comfy and ready for whatever happens, that future which you can't control at all.

  • At 6:07 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    This has been a wet season here,too. We took on water for the first time in years. Fortunately, it doesn't affect the electricity or heat but it's a mess. I hope you all have heat again soon. It's too cold!


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