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Friday, June 27, 2008

fun stuff downtown

I joined LG for lunch downtown on Thursday. It's always such a treat to see her! We had lovely salads and talked and talked and talked, and I laughed like a hyena on nitrous oxide. I have a full-throated bray like a howler monkey in heat. It echoes off the ceiling of even a crowded and noisy room. I can't help it. It's all her fault, though. She's just that funny!

I parked in one of the downtown carbitats(Parking structure) Why does everyone always need, need, need to have the very first space they see? I was stuck behind two guys who were competing for one space, posturing and glaring like a couple of male babboons. I'm surprised one didn't jump out of his car, turn, and display his buttocks. When one finally backed down, and had to take a space half an aisle further on, I said "To heck with this!" and drove clear up to the roof. I had it to myself. and a wonderful view of the city as well. Moreover, there was construction going on in the lot across the street. It was a cool, cloudy day, so no constructon-worker ogling, but I was just fascinated by the process of setting these great long I-beams into the dirt to create foundation for construction. It takes three people and two or three several thousand horsepower engines. The crane on the big tractor treads lifts the beam vertical, then positions it carefully into the hole. The guy in the red shirt manually lines the beam up, pivoting it on its suspending cables till it's square in the hole, then while he holds it aligned, the third guy signals the crane driver to lower, lower, lower . . . US humans accomplish some pretty big things, don't we?

After lunch with LG, I stopped at the Button Emporium and feasted my eyes. A lady came in with a blue hand-knit baby cardigan and said, "Well, they had a girl after all. Can you suggest buttons to make this more feminine?" She went with white mother-of-pearl daisies I had all sorts of ideas, but didn't feel welcome to contribute. Oh, well. It's a nice, classic little cardi, and girls can wear blue if they like. But if she had tacked on a series of little pink ribbons to tie it close, it would have been wayyyy cute.

Then I stopped at the main city library and asked if I could somehow get a card, even though I lived in another county. Easy as sneezing! I showed my driver's license, filled out a form, and got my new library card. Next time I have lunch with LG, I'm going to bus downtown and spend a couple hours in the library. Woohoo!

I dropped off the sample knits with Teresa. I have to write up a few patterns (quick and simple) and do a few more samples. And I have to submit my hours as well, so we know how much yarn I'm owed. Would you like bamboo or tencel for Christmas? What color family? I'm making out like Pancho Villa and all his banditos!


  • At 8:01 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    'laughed like hyenas on nitrous oxide!'--how wonderful! (And I've seen guys do that...posture, not stop the car and show their butts!)

    What a wonderful post--you make a day having lunch sound like a Princess' day out! (Of course, you ARE a Queen--the world just hasn't decided which country is worthy of you, my darling!)

  • At 7:23 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    Membership in a library when you live out of county? How very liberal! We have to provide proof of residence to get cards or pay a rather large membership fee. I think I'd like a job where they paid me in yarn. Although, I'm sure the gas,electric and phone companies are glad I get paid in cash. They probably wouldn't accept skeins of yarn even if it was cashmere. (I can totally see myself saying "but it's 100 % cashmere! to the gas co.)

  • At 8:08 AM , Blogger Galad said...

    Congratulations on finishing your samples. You've earned every bit of that yarn!

  • At 10:14 AM , Blogger Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

    psst..Saturday Sky is up. I was too tired last night to upload the pics. I don't read your blog nearly enough. I do enjoy it! You're on my list of reads now. :-)
    p.s. bamboo please, LOL.

  • At 7:56 AM , Blogger Lucia said...

    You are so like me: I can easily get lost in a library for a couple of hours.


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