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Monday, April 23, 2007

fun at the food front.

There's a brand new Safeway in the neighborhood. Something about a brand-new store sort of inspires the produce guys. The vegetable displays look like works of art. We have texture, perspective, contrast, repetition, line and color. And this would make a killer jigsaw puzzle!

Do you have prickly pear leaves in your local store? I've never eaten them, and have no idea how to prepare them, but find them fascinating just to look at.

Washington State, just north of us, produces more apples than any place else in the US. Look at all the kinds and colors available just in this one store! The specialty fruit markets have rows of apple varieties to choose from! When I was growing up, it was yellow Delicious, red Delicious, and those little green ones Grandma used for pies. who knew what abundance was available?

How about a peck of peppers? I won't eat them, but I love their shiny colors and undulating shapes.

Yeah, yeah, I know this is supposed to be a knitting blog. I'll get a picture of the orange hoody sans pocket tomorrow. Really. Trust me.

In spite of theLadies' Knitting feast, I mamaged to hold the line for Weight Watchers. No loss, but no gain either. Yay for me!! I should not have eaten my snack before weigh-in. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Next week, no snack, no earrings, no makeup, and I'm going in wearing nothing but a bathing suit under my coat. And I'll drop the coat for the weigh-in. I'm going to have a loss next week!!

DH and I had a talk about retirement. He would rather I stuck with the work of getting my books sold, but it's like trying to push over a giant Sequoia bare-handed. Hundreds of thousands of people write books. The big publishers bring out about fourty new writers a year. Can I become one of those fourty new writers? Yep. And I can also win the mega-bucks lottery. Someone is going to, so why shouldn't it be me, right? It's not something we can plan on for a comfortable retirement.

So I'm going to bite the bullet and start looking for full time work. Maybe I can get a job in the produce department at Safeway. I can do just about anything for another twelve years or so. Less knitting, less blogging, more security in those golden years.


  • At 1:14 PM , Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

    You are making me hungry!!
    Good luck on the job search - there is nothing I hate more - so will be sending good thoughts your way!

  • At 1:14 PM , Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

    You are making me hungry!!
    Good luck on the job search - there is nothing I hate more - so will be sending good thoughts your way!

  • At 1:15 PM , Blogger JulieLoves2Knit said...

    You are making me hungry!!
    Good luck on the job search - there is nothing I hate more - so will be sending good thoughts your way!

  • At 2:36 PM , Blogger Wannietta said...

    "Don't pick a prickly pear by the paw, when you pick a pear try to use the claw..." Baloo - Jungle Book

    I love that song - not that it gives any advice about preparing/eating the things.

    Good luck with the job hunt - you could drive a school bus!

  • At 2:39 PM , Anonymous Paul said...

    I just love it when you say "undulating"...


  • At 4:42 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    Lower your requirements, lower your expenses, retire earlier.

  • At 6:40 PM , Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

    Yeah, I'm not so sure about you in the produce department, though. I mean, I'm all for working towards retirement, but YOU in produce? I can only imagine the sculptural vegatable things you're gonna make there! And you think you make wonderful things out of yarn, I can see the hats you'll make later!

  • At 7:00 PM , Anonymous LindaG said...

    I think you should listen to DH and follow your bliss -- just don't depend on financial reward for it. "Security" is a wiggly kind of goal anyway, and sometimes you get bitten in the butt just when you think you're completely protected. Sit down, look at what you'd have if you just worked with DH's retirement plan, if any, and Social Security. If you COULD live on it, I wouldn't give up trying to grow the giant sequoia of a book just so you can meet the benchmarks of some financial columnist. (But, of course, if it really isn't enough to manage on -- frugally -- then I'd say at least go work in a yarn shop :))

  • At 8:51 PM , Blogger Pat K said...

    If you worked in a grocery, what would stop you from spending your entire paycheck on all the lovely vegetables and all the other goodies they tempt you with? Just sayin'...

  • At 11:07 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Gods, Roxie--if only...I've been wrinkling my gray matter trying to figure out how to write for a living...but it's that whole lottery thing... (except with the lottery, at least you know where to buy the ticket...)

    Those are some killer pictures--how do you make the grocery store look interesting?

  • At 3:22 AM , Blogger Grandma Flea said...

    Roxie, I've just written you a long, long treatise on your dilemma, and somehow lost it when I went to publish it - BLOGGER!!! that back button! As all writers know - it's so hard to repeat the moment of inspiration when you accidentally delete it - there's a lot to be said for pen and paper!

    Amongst other things I said were:
    1. Give my love to your DH, he has his values in the right spot and obviously cares very deeply about you.
    2. Have you had a brutally honest opinion, from someone who knows, as to the commercial potential of your books? It's easy to get good feedback, but really hard to get friends or loved ones to tell you that your lovingly crafted baby sucks. You need an opinion from a good editor.
    3. Do as Lindag suggested - work out where you'd be financially if you you followed your current course, or if you worked full time in a greengrocer's (none of that produce market stuff downunder) or LYS.
    4. Do the two column advantages/disadvantages exercise on the two courses of action.
    5. Don't forget to allow for unexpected expenses (a stash of decaying farceeing hats made from hollowed out lettuces with two long leek stems attached with radish eyeballs...) or a MIGHTILY enlarged yarn stash (believe me, I know - I used to work in our LYS)
    6. Do you have a Writers' Festival in Oregon - we have one in Sydney every year with sessions on getting published etc. Some of the community colleges run courses on it, too.

    I can't remember what else, except that I did apologise several times for teaching my grandmother to suck eggs ....

    Oh, I did say that with your writing ability as exhibited on this blog, your wicked sense of humour, your imagination (farceeing hat amongst other things), and a couple of other things that I 'disremember', I can't imagine that there isn't a market out there for your work. You just need the right editor to read it ....

    And prickly pears - blogger won't accept my link, but google "cooking prickly pear" and about the third site down will have a name like "food" - it will tell you all you need to know. I've often seen them at the greengrocer's - none of that produce market etc etc ) but never known what to do with them. Now that I know, I can't wait to try them.

    Good luck! I look forward to getting a copy of your book signed at Borders in Australia when you're on your author's tour.....

    Forgive the typos - I refuse to preview this and lose it again.
    Good luck!!

  • At 3:23 AM , Blogger Grandma Flea said...

    PS - love the photos.


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