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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

shades of blue

To the left we see a picture of my beloved fingerless gloves. As you can see, I LIKE color! And I am not a slave to symmetry. No one will ever steal these gloves. If left at a friend's house, they are immediately identifiable and quickly returned. Color is GOOD!

My friend TY who is evidently a shy guy, e-mailed me this color list to get things going. Wahoo!

azuline blue, azure, Blueberry, Blue feather ( I had a cat named Blue Feather), blue willow, Costa Rica Blue, celeste ( Sky blue), Cerulean blue, cobalt blue, Chromium blue, Cornflower blue, Duck egg blue, Hyacinth blue, Indigo , Lavender blue, Madras blue , Manganese blue, Metallic blue
Navy blue, Niagara blue, Peacock blue, Periwinkle blue , perse, Phthalo blue , Prussian blue, royal blue, Russian blue, Sapphire, Smalt (A deep blue), Turquoise blue, Ultramarine blue
Watchet ( a pale blue )

I am especially enthralled with phthalo blue and smalt. What wonderful words for a Scrabble game!

Anybody else got any favorite color names?


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