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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cool Saturday morning

I'm halfway done on the Surprise sweater. It's such a wierd, twisted thing. E. Zimmerman was a freaking genius to have been able to see a baby sweater in this peculiar wad of fabric. I think I'll do a few more because they are so bizzarrely intriguing.

Since it's cool today, and DH doesn't have to work mandatory overtime this weekend, we are going to go see the "Street of Dreams." It's a show of multi-million dollar homes put on by a consortium of real-estate developers every year. The latest, updatest, design and architecture available. I always swoon over the sybaritic bathrooms, though you could snowshoe across Satan's barbecue pit before I would put eentsy, teentsy tiles on all the walls. SOMEONE has to clean all that grout!! But I do long for a bathtub long enough to float in. And I always get some neat ideas for fabrics and colors and textures. Hey, even a blind rat finds the cheese once in a while. But prepare for a rant on the stupidity of people designing houses that no real people could possibly live in. (A rough brick wall behind the stove? Hellooo - did you know that grease spatters? A stacked stone fireplace and chimney fifteen feet tall? So you're planning a spider ranch, are you?)

DH is stirring. Happy trails, y'all!


  • At 5:46 PM , Anonymous Tara said...

    Because CB told me you had a blog and it includes knitting...I had to read!

    How can you work with him and not believe in the football team who's colors are orange and blue?

    Did he not tell you about how those Bronco's broke his heart again this last season? If so...I'm very sorry. Only family should have to listen to that.

    BTW...loved the book. Finished it in one day.


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