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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am not a blind rat . . .

There is no cheese! Sometimes I can load pictures and sometimes I can't and - "It's not my fault!" (Lando Calrissian in" Return of the Jedi. ") I find comfort in the fact that I am doing it all correctly, and jealousy in the fact that everyone else CAN load and post all their wonderful photos. But today, I am going to load a bunch of photos in and have them poised and ready so I can show you the flock of shawls that flew through our house last year on their way to Afghanistan Refugee Relief (We went to a lot of movies last summer - great for mindless shawling.) and the wandering mitten, and the LOUD sweater and the white harlequin cardigan and, . . . you folks are gonna have to look at my stuff whether you want to or not!!


By the way, boys and girls, there's a full moon tonight. Isn't it time to go out and howl? One year when I was doing historic re-enactment at the State fair, shortly after the last gawking geek had been herded gently off the grounds, one of the guys in the encampment brought out his guitar and began playing some mournful, sexy blues. "I really miss my wife." he explained. We camped for over two weeks, and many of us had spouses with real jobs. Sitting around, listening to him, we all began to miss our beloveds. Someone sighed. Someone moaned. And then someone threw her head back and emitted a lonesome howl. Others joined in. Soon, we were all engaged in full-throated coyote song. The guard dogs in the 4H barns added their contribution. The pet dogs in the RV park on the far side of the fairgrounds began to yelp and yip and bay as well. There is great joy, satisfaction and release when the whole pack sings together.

The security guards were really, really pissed at us when they found out we had initiated the ruckus. (A couple of Demolay boys who were sleeping in the barn with their cows ratted us out.) I haven't been so thouroughly scolded since I was four. The Pioneer Village was forbidden blues guitar for the rest of the fair. (two more nights. We managed to behave for THAT long.)

So tonight, go outside, turn your face to the sky, and wind up every dog in the neighborhood. HOWLLLLLL! Coyote song is good for what ails you. But watch out for those security guards.


  • At 11:58 AM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    And we all know that the only reason they joined DeMolay was to 'hook up' with those loose Rainbow Girls (the tramps!) so ratting you out was really low... (I will do my best to howl at the moon... especially since spouse and older children are going to see a big screen showing of Raiders of the Lost Ark and I'm going to be writing at home...

  • At 1:06 PM , Blogger Lucia said...

    You should have seen the moonrise over the lake the other night. A glorious enormous golden harvest moon leaped up over the mountains, reflecting in the water all the while. The best part was that in the midst of all this glory, for a couple of minutes a low cloud gave the moonface a melodrama mustache.

  • At 6:38 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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