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Thursday, June 08, 2006

A blog before bathing

It's been a busy day - the pre-knitters house cleaning frenzy. Tomorrow is the big baking blitz, Then, on Saturday, the ladies arrive at 10 and we nibble and giggle and talk and knit till sometime after 12. We try to meet once a month, and we welcome all like-minded souls, regardless of knitting skills or lack thereof. (Mending, needlepoint, and macrame are also welcome.)

I'm serving lemon cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with a peanutbutter cup baked into the middle of each, sticky bread, fruit salad, and marinated artichoke hearts. Also awful coffee (I don't drink it and can't seem to figure how to make it) and adequate tea.

And if I get my baking done in time, I'm going to spin some more, too. I tried dying whole cylinders of roving, and seem to be getting yarn that gradually shades from dark to pale. Maybe, if I ply the palest with the darkest, it will all even out in the wash.


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