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Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday in the morning!

“Good morning Vietnam!”  Ooops – wrong movie.  “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”  Nope, still not right.  “Good morning!  Good mor-r-r-ning!   We’ve talked the whole night through.  Good morning, good morning, to you!”  Well, Fred Astaire, Donald O’connor and what’s-her-name are a lot closer to my state of mind.


 It’s raining, so I don’t have to drag the hose around the yard giving drinks to all the green things.  I will, however, trip lightly through the dripping grass to harvest  a Perfume Delight rose that has just opened up.  I could just about BATHE in the scent.  And this bush seems relatively hardy in spite of the blight of blackspot, so I would heartily recommend it to anyone who wants a perfectly rose-pink rose with perfectly swoony rose fragrance.


I breakfasted on fresh tea and left-over biscotti (Bless you Tamara!) and am wide awake and cheerful, with minimal clean-up necessary.  I have a list of errands as long as my arm (if I write big) but they should be speedily completed, and by two, I hope to be spinning.


I have left my boring white sweater (size 3 needles) to languish while I play with my vivid, handspun chevron, knit from the neck down sweater.  Stripes.  (Yipes!) in shades of pale blue, aqua, sea-green, mossy green, fir green, pink, plum, HOT PINK, and chrome yellow. (I really do need a camera) Yeah, it’s so loud you can hear it coming a block away.  When I’m working at home in the blue depths of winter, I can pull on this sweater and be cheered and cozied.  Heck, I might even wear it to the jail when I take the GED tests to the inmates.  A jolt of color might be welcome.  And God knows that testing room gets chilly.  The thermostat there has two settings.  On, and off.  Over the course of a two hour test, the temperature goes from 60 to 80 to 60 again.


Biggest job for today, (after getting the bonbons mailed to beloved father-in-law) is editing the galleys on the book and sending in the corrections.  Sooner done, the sooner we hit press.  I’ll just get dressed and get into it! 


Thanks for checking in!


  • At 7:39 AM , Blogger Lucia said...

    That sweater sounds noisy indeed. Do you tutor the inmates or just give them the tests?


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