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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Kyle and I did the Providence Bridge walk today.  7.5 miles.  After days of temps in the mid 90s, today dawned cool and misty.  It was glorious.  We manage 3 miles an hour and I'm very please with that!  I know, some people run 25 miles before breakfast every day.  They are freaking awesome and good for them!  I managed to drag my rosy rump over almost 8 miles of streets, climbing  the equivalent of 40 flights of stairs and thoroughly sweating through every garment I was wearing.  That pink shirt tied around my waist?  I could wring it out when we finished.  I'm not in shape for this.  Five miles, maybe.  7.5 - - - ow. The best part about these walks is going on foot across the top decks of the two freeway bridges.  Such magnificent views, and time to pause and appreciate them.

The Marquam bridge had a marimba and steel drum band on top.  It really put the lift in your step.  The Fremont Bridge had taiko drummers, and they just SLAMMED energy into you.  Of course, after climbing to the top of the Fremont Bridge, everyone NEEDED the energy.

Taiko drumming must be awesome exercise.  All the performers had splendid upper-body definition in every muscle group! Males and females, you could break an egg on their guns.

As soon as I got home, I crawled into a hot bath.  Then I took a brief nap.  Now I am trying to remember to stand up and walk around the house for five minutes out of every hour.  Getting so        s-t-i-f-f.


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