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Friday, July 10, 2015

Aaaaand, another quilt

 MJ and I have been working through that bolt of teal and apricot giant flowers print.  This is the third one we have finished.  The colors look blue and orange, but they are really teal and apricot.  An entire bolt of fabric has backed three quilts, been the prime color in the tops of all of them, provides a bedspread and a set of curtains for MJ, and we STILL have fabric enough to back two more comforters.  All this for five dollars.  That was an awesome sale!

It has been unseasonably hot here, but it looks like cooling down for my tea party tomorrow.  We will enjoy the shade of the back yard, and guests from out of town.  Two of my nieces will be coming up from Madras and each is bringing a daughter.  Niece Shawna is bringing Ava, who is not yet in school, and niece Cheryl is bringing Cera who is 16 and will be spending a week with us.  I'm so excited.  Niece Cheryl is also bringing cupcakes, since that's her thing.  She owns the Cup-n-Cake coffee stand in Madras, and her cupcakes are awe-freaking-some!!

In preparation for this feasting, I have been trying really hard to eat moderately.  Kyle made me this awesome salad for dinner last night.  Mixed greens, apricots, raspberries, and marionberries with a dressing made of fat-free yogurt, and lavender vinegar.  My mouth thought we had gone to heaven!

Anyone have an HP printer?  Ours is experiencing an existential crisis.  Its head is out of alignment, and we can't find a fix for it anywhere.

So today is set-up and baking frenzy.   Orange sugar cookies, chocolate cookies with mint frosting, and curried chicken salad sandwiches.  Tomorrow, assemble sandwiches, plate cookies, make tea & coffee, put out lemonade, water, fix breakfast for visiting family,  . . .


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