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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Its been some days

 Kaui :  We went snorkeling.  As we were getting on the van, I had Bucky out, waving to everyone.  Our guide looked at me and said, very kindly, “How long have you been out?”  “It’s OK, “ I assured him.  “I’m still on my meds.”
Paul, our tour guide, was what hyperactive ADHD kids grow up to be.  He made noises like Bobby McFarin- sirens, barking dogs, bird calls, traffic jams, you name it.  So he got us to the base where they had racks and racks of wet suits, flippers, and masks.  And three very casual dogs wandering around until they figured out that we didn’t have treats or Frisbees.  We all got suited, masked, and finned up, then Pauk drove us to the beach.  It was a great place to snorkel, but getting in and out was a trial.  The waves were rough, the shore was rocky, and the water was relatively chilly.  Thank goodness for the wet suits!  I picked up a couple of bruises on the way into the water, but from there on, it was awesome!  Paul attempted to lead us around.  It was a lot like herding cats.  There was so much going on, we kept getting led astray.  A school of butterfly fish went by, pursued by a few of our group.  Two Moorish Idols went dancing in another direction and a few more snorkelers drifted off.  There was a strong, persistent current, that moved us away from where the guide wanted us.  It was worth putting in the work to stay around him, though.  He knew where a small octopus lived, and coaxed her out to play.  She was maybe 12 inches from top to tentacle tip, and so very graceful! It was really awesome to watch. 
Then I drifted over a cleaning station and watched two varieties of wrasses cleaning some parrot fish.  Troplical fish are the most awesome colors!! Time flew by.  The sun threw moving nets of light across the bottom.  The coral polyps were beautiful shades of purple and pinkish orange. You could hear the fish nibbling at the coral It was all light and color and movement and that damn cold current.  I realized I was thoroughly chilled, so headed for shore.  The waves really beat me up and I couldn’t get my balance at all.  I wound up crawling over the rocks on my hands and knees to get out.  Not a good plan but the best I could come up with.
Back to the ship.  Then off to the Kukui Grove shopping center where the food court had free internet.  There was also a K-Mart and a Long’s Drugs at the shopping center.  Most of the crew was at that center, picking up life’s little necessities for cheap.  The bus back to the ship was so crowded we were standing back to chest.  The guy in front of me kept turning his head and trying to cough into his shoulder.  Mostly he was successful. Very cozy.  Back to the cabin.  I fell asleep.
The next day we docked in Honolulu.  I woke up with a sore throat but figured I could just walk it off.  Our niece, Lisa, and my Uncle Bud and his wife showed up and we all went out for breakfast.  We talked and talked and talked until the waitresses started giving us the hairy eyeball.  Oh, but the family history, the old memories, “Did you ever hear about the time when your dad . . . ?”  I could have sat and talked till the cows came home except the throat kept getting sorer, and the energy was draining out of me like water out of a leaky bucket.  Kyle got me back to the room and into a hot shower.  The fever broke, and he tucked me into bed.  I spent most of yesterday in bed, except for a brief stint in the steamroom.  I will probably spend most of today in bed as well.  It’s the upper respiratory crud that has been going around the ship.  Most of the crew has had it, and the passengers are picking it up wholesale. 
So I’m whiney and snarfy, and Kyle will likely come down with this, too.  What a lousy way to end a glorious trip!  Well, at least I’m not pregnant!

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There are statues of hula dancers at the Aloha tower.  Bucky had lots of fun playing with them!


  • At 4:59 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    What a way to end a truly glorious vacation! I think it's hard to avoid bugs when you're in close quarters like that.

    I love to sit around and reminisce like that. It makes the space around your heart feel warm.


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