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Friday, April 19, 2013

Bucky writes - Dravuni Island

Bucky writes April 19, 2013

Although he felt fine, Kyle was restricted to the cabin for the whole day.  You can’t blame the medics for being cautious.  There are a LOT of frail old people on board, and some of these stomach viruses will sweep through a ship like a brush fire.  So, even though Kyle and I are sure it was just a touch of food poisoning, he spent the day in the room.  Roxie didn’t feel much like adventuring without her hero at her side, so she and I spent the day lounging around the ship.  And in the evening, I made a new friend!

This is DestinationDave, a  well traveled hound who has seen the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon, and most of Australia.  It was so wonderful to meet a fellow traveler who appreciates the challenges of a small animal abroad.  Dave even has his own facebook page.  Search for destinationdave.

Today, April 19th, we visited Dravuni Island where I made lots more new friends.  Dravuni is a small island in the Fiji Islands.  It has a beautiful beach, a small village (population 85), a hill with a view, and not much else.  We want to move there.  A few solar cells to power up the laptops, and some canned chili for a change from the fish, and we would be good to go.  We spread a sarong on the sand in the shade, splashed in the warm water, bought a coconut for $2 and drank the water inside.    And it was warm and serene, and the people were friendly and happy.  The island has no industry or agriculture.  The people  live from the sea, keep some pigs and cultivate some garden patches. And every so often, a crusie ship will anchor off shore, and disgorge a thousand tourists to share the splendid beaches, buy the local handicrafts, pay for massage or a trip around the island in a fishing boat.  It brings a big dose of income.  I fervently hope it doesn’t pollute their culture. The children have the clearest, most innocent eyes!

We did most of our souvenier shopping here.  The lady who was manning the stall couldn’t make change, so Kyle told her to keep the money for the school.  It was lunch time, and the children had come out in their green school uniforms to have lunch with their families.  Mommas and poppas and tutus (grannies and aunts) all together.  Kyle looked at one of the youngsters and said, “They are your treasure.”

 The men in Fiji wear sulas - long wrap-around skirts.  The women wear muumuus.  I decided to try a sula but don't think it's really my style.

 I also tried a drink of coconut water and quite liked it, but Kyle told me that it can have loosening effects on the bowels, and the last thing we need is sheep shit all over, so I let Kyle and Roxie finish it off.  Dravuni Island is my favorite place this side of the equator!


  • At 11:36 AM , Blogger Rose L said...

    I am glad Kyle is feeling much better. Not fun to be ill on a vacation!


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