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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bucky writes April 24th

Bucky writes April 24, 2013

Roxie spent a whole day in the cabin after she hurt her foot.  Ice packs and TV were her constant companions.  And me of course.  We watched Black Swan, Live and Let Die, The Hobit, The Two Towers, a program on amolite jewelery, a lecture on the early Polynesian explorers and the Cruise News with highlights of the day’s events.
We knit.  Kyle waited on us hand and foot, bringing us meals and treats.  (A big bowl of chocolate frozen yogurt.  A plate of sushi.  A plate of fruit to snack on.)  We are in a sort of dead spot in satellite reception, so we didn’t spend much time trying to facebook or blog, because the connection kept dropping, but we get charged for the time between log on and log off even if the connection isn’t there.

As you may guess, it was a really boring day, and we got thoroughly shack-nasty, so on the 23rd, Roxie determined to get Out of The Room!  With many a grimace and wince, she got her shoes on and found that they helped her mobility and stability quite a lot.  Those abused tendons and cracked bones appreciate all the support they can get.  She put on other clothes as well, not wanting to offend the world.  Then, with Kyle’s aid and assistance, she hobbled down the hall to the elevator and out onto the promenade deck where they commandeered deck chairs for a day at sea.

I had a great deal of fun waving at the walkers and cheering them on!  One Australian man took me for a walk around deck and taught me to pick my nose and flick it over the side.  He taught me to swear as well, but I won’t tell what we said.  I had a bleating good time!

Then an Australian woman came along and told me that I didn’t look like a proper sheep because I didn’t have black feet and face.  Ha!  Thinks she’s so smart!  There are LOTS of sheep that don’t have black faces and feet.  I’m just as proper as any of them! I’m a colored merino from the Transcendent Love and Peace Herb Farm and Pottery Commune in Mulino and my brother Bobby and I are colored like this because mom got into the herbs while she was carrying us.  I’m a VERY proper sheep.  I VERY politely didn’t bite her or kick over her cup of coffee or poop on her sandals.  I might have picked my nose and flicked it at her, but I didn’t have any nose  berries left.

Kyle really earned his husband of the year award, bringing cold drinks and food, and carrying away the empties.  And he reminded us that the crossing the equator ceremony was at 2:30 so we should go stake out a spot in the shade about 12:30.  He is so wise!  It was already getting crowded.  A very kind couple took pity on us (the walker may have helped.  Roxie is really clumsy with it.) and shared their table and chairs.  Turns out that they’re from Portland as well!  We had a nice, prolonged chat.

At last, the ceremonies began.  The pool on the aft deck had been roped off, a throne for Neptune and his queen had been set up, a judge appeared, and all the crew and staff “pollywogs” were assembled.  Two by two they were brought forth by “Shellbacks” dressed as pirates, and charged, in terrible rhyme, with various crimes. (she spends more time flirting with Nick than with working her schtick.  She should be selling jewels, but she’s admiring his tools. )  They are then forced to “Kiss the fish.”  There were three tunas, each about 40 inches long, packed in ice and decorated with vegetables and parsley.  The pollywogs each had to kiss a tuna on the mouth. Then they were doused with brightly colored slimey blue and yellow foam. Finally they were shoved into the pool.  There was lots of laughter and horseplay.  At the very last, the “Pollywogs” were proclaimed “Loyal Shellbacks,” and forgiven their crimes. 

Since I had never crossed the equator by ship before, I decided I had better kiss the fish as well.

 You've heard of sticking your head in the lion's mouth?  Well I stuck my head in the tuna's mouth!  And boy, does their breath stink!!  My head smelled fishy for so long that Roxie threatened to take me into the shower.  Luckily, I finally aired out.  Whew!  She was in a mood to felt me right down!


  • At 5:35 PM , Blogger Rose L said...

    I can tell Bucky is having fun!!

  • At 4:57 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    The Navy has a ceremony for when sailors cross the equator for the first time. They have a "beauty contest" (the young sailors dress as women-I have a very incriminating photo of Pk) and then the losers of the contest have to crawl through garbage before they get to be shellbacks.

    Yours is much more civilized-and way less smelly.

    I wonder if a good ankle brace might help you walk around easier?

  • At 4:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    This sounds like so much fun. I'm really enjoying your trip.


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