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Sunday, September 16, 2012

No firefly but walkies anyhow

I walked down to the farmers' market today, got my knife sharpened, strolled around, and was strongly reminded of a Mason Williams song called, "The Tomato Vendetta."

This song's about the Tomato Vendetta
and a tale of a man who let a
hate for tomatoes rule his life.
He lost his job, wife, home, car, kids, and life.

He'd go downtown to buy some groceries.
He went because his family was hungrys.
He always bought red meat and potatoes,
but he'd never touch those ugly tomatoes.

One day after shopping and on his way home
his loathing for tomatoes cut to the bone.
He just couldn't stand the strain any more.
He vowed to destroy the tomato hoard.

All over town, in every store,  
tomatoes were hurt and spilled on the floor.
Big melons and turkeys, and large sacks of grits
were dumped on their sections to mash them to bits.

So at last. he'd finished his plan, 
but on his way home, a delivery van
full of big ripe tomatoes pulled out and hit him.
Tomato vendetta had claimed its victim.

The incident of the tomato vendetta
caused a sensation.  It was something that the
public could relish and readily snatch up -
popularly known as, "The Tomato Catch-up."

And, because I can do this whole thing from memory, we no longer wonder why I have no ability to remember where I parked my car or what your first-born child's name is.


  • At 4:19 PM , Blogger Rose L said...

    I have never heard that song before. Not that I would enjoy it anyway. Did you ever hear songs by Homer and Jethro or Ben Colder? They were funny!!!!!
    Enjoying drooling over the recipes in the book I gave to you???

  • At 4:43 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    I love Mason Williams. We have a whole album with songs with titles like "them toad suckers" and my favorite "hors d'oovers"

    How 'bout them hors d'oovers
    Ain't they sweet?
    Little bit of cheese and little bit of meat

    He was a genius with words (and of course guitar. Classical Gas is terrific.

    I envy you your sun warmed tomatoes. I can sit here and taste the sweet summer goodness.


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