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Saturday, July 02, 2011

(squints grinning into the sunrise)

Can you believe it?  The Fourth of July weekend will be warm and sunny for all four days!  Young women are wearing short-shorts and tank tops, strolling around the neighborhood in their flip-flops and giggling over their iced lattes while the boys stand stunned by the sudden exposure of "flesh." Boys in warmer climes are innured by constant exposure abd the familiarity pall.  They never have the heady rush of  seeing the drab girl next door suddenly show up with legs and breasts and possibilities!  So that's what was under those cargo pants and sweatshirt.  A lot of fifteen year old lads will spend the next few days trying to conceal/deal-with  importunate errections.

In spite af my age and infirmities, the sap is rising in my veins as well.  Wonder if I can still trip my husband and beat him to the floor?  This needs thought.  Don't want to risk HIM breaking a wrist.

TMI?  Sorry for the overshare.  Sunshine does this to me.

MJ came over yesterday and helped me.  She folded laundry 9impossible to fold fitted sheets with one hand.  Then we stripped wallpaper in the dining room.  There is one wall that has had anice, neutral bamboo print for at least 17 years, and I want to paint it red.  S we commenced to peel.  The paper has a vinyl surface and peeled in big sheets with no scraping or struggle.  Under it we found an artifact!  The previous wallpaper was still there in places.  It was a green printed mural of a fountain and formal garden with trees and a few tiny people strolling about.  I think about the woman who had that dining room and how proud and elegant she must have felt.  What bright Easter and Christmas feasts must have been held there!  Even my empty china hutches  were affected.  It was as if they sat up straighter and put their napkins carefully in their laps.

But I want a nice Tuscan red.  I want people to feel warm and embraced, to laugh and relax and be happy.  To linger over the table, nibbling at the leftovers and talking, communicating; to enjoy one another!

Next time we get together, we will consider wallpaper vs  paint.

While we were stripping (wallpaper) I had one of those ADD moments when unrelated things fall together and an inspiration assaults you.  I had found, in the process of packing and unpacking, some pink ribbons.  We had hung a mosquito net canopy over the 4  poster guest bed.  I held it in place on the posts with rubber bands.  Then light went off!  MJ has two hands to tie ribbons and pink ribbons tied over the rubberbands will be perfect.  And they are!  The guest bedroom is getting fluffed to a fare-thee-well!  Photos tomorrow if Blogger allows.


  • At 3:52 PM , Blogger Paul said...

    "Wonder if I can still trip my husband and beat him to the floor?"

    I think I may have snorted a little bit when I read that...

  • At 6:54 AM , Blogger KnitTech said...

    What a great summer visual. We're getting your warm leftovers and it's wonderful!

    (And did you? Beat him to the floor that is?)

  • At 7:55 AM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    *g* Nice technique-- need to remember that! And you're making me want to redecorate-- and that's HARD!


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