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Friday, January 28, 2011

car show

 Last night we met MJ and RW and went to the car show.  It was a very subdued and practical show this year. On previous occasions the cars were happy, pretty, fun colors.  I remember in particular a baby blue BMW two seater that was clearly the car a man would buy for his mistress.  And ther were plum and gold and chartreuse cars in earlier years.  This year, oh no!  Good practical colors.  Black and beige, grey and dark red.  Some white and silver cars but almost no fun colors. Lots of sedans, station-wagons, and mid-size SUVs.  Practical, bread and butter, go to work, get the kids from soccer practice cars.

Male menopause does continue to provide a market, though.  Scarlet muscle cars, and hot little sports cars that will go faster than the lasw will allow are still being made and sold. Nothing says a last desperate grasp at carefree youth like a bald guy in mustang.
And we all know the difference between a porche and a porcupine.  With a porcupine, the prick's on the outside.
 DH and I sat in a Corvette because we enjoy putting our butt prinnts in expensive cars.  As he pointed out, I don't especially want to hit the freeway with my butt a scant 12 inches off the pavement.  And I practically had to roll out onto my hands and knees and haul myself to my feet, because that little sucker was so low down.
One of the local steel recyclers had a contest.  If you can guess the make, model and year of this car, you win!  There were a surprising number of guys walking around it, eyeing it discerningly and even discussing salient points.  to me, this is like identifying a designer dress from the lining and a zipper.

There were lots of green vehicles.  Electric motorcycles were well represented.  Hybrid cars were all over the place.  Everyone is offering one now, and some of them are almost worth the money.  There were prototype electric cars as well.

And a vintage electric brougham.  I wanted to knit some lace doilies for it.  Venerable old girl!

Of course, the cars had representatives to speak for them, and everyone had their particular look. Chevy put their female reps in snug leather jackets.   Kia had their reps in khaki cargo pants.The Ford representatives were all in formal black.  I know these girls have to stay on their feet for ten hour stretches, and look at the shoes that she voluntarily stepped into!  If she's not earning three figures for this stint, then it's not worth it!!
As we were leaving, I found the car of my dreams.  Isn't this just ME?  It's big, classy, powerful, and vintage.  And not terribly practical, since I live in a rain-soaked state, and convertibles leak.  Oh, yes.  That's me all over!


  • At 12:11 PM , Blogger LA said...

    New cars....ah...the appeal! I'll just make-do with my little Chevy!

  • At 1:15 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    That vintage car looks totally like you! I can imagine you exiting the driver's side with your furs and cloche hat and your little flapper dress flapping.

  • At 2:17 PM , Blogger Rose Lefebvre said...

    I guess that scrunched up vehicle is a Dodge Caravan 2001!!!!!
    I love the last car as well! Judging by the hood ornament, it must be a Mercury!
    Gorgeous! I always wanted a 1930-31 Duesenberg! Gorgeous! Rare!

  • At 6:46 PM , Blogger Heide said...

    I admit that I've never been big into cars. My husband keeps telling me that someday he'll buy me a brand new one, but truth be told, I'd rather use the money for travel. I do like your little number at the end though. I hope it had one of those aww U gah horns!

  • At 6:50 PM , Blogger Galad said...

    That car is so you! I see you with your hat and scarf. It's great to dream :-)

  • At 4:01 PM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    I can see you in that car. It would fit you perfectly.

    I don't want a car with my butt only a few inches off the road surface. I wouldn't be able to see over the behemoths around me.

    I've always wanted a cherry red car. I have a nice sensible green car but I long for a bright red car that will drive through woods and streams and all sorts of other out of the way places.

  • At 11:19 AM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    I love a woman who can say, "That car is me all over!" And yeah... Corvettes aren't a lot of fun with long legs...

  • At 5:58 AM , Blogger KnitTech said...

    Yes, that's a classic car that's you: stately and elogant.


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