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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I don't mean to be irreverent

There were some pictures I wanted to post this morning, and I found myself trotting around the house crooning, "Oh ca-mera! Where can you be? I have a card, I have a card for theee . . . " I think Canada's national anthem is much prettier than ours, and it was just stuck in my head this morning.
Yesterday was colder than a dead eskimo. It was colder than a polar bear's pajamas. It was colder than a tin toilet seat on the shady side of a glacier.
Ok, it was merely below freezing, but writers love poetic hyperbole . This is what dawn looked like in my front yard.
I had to go to work yesterday. Work is about a thousand feet higher into the snow zone. I was less than eager, but I bundled up and gave it the old college try.
First I had to pry my car doors open with the good old table knife, because the ice had sealed tham shut. In fact, I couldn't get the driver side door open at all, so I made it in through the passenger side, and kicked the driver side open. Then I scraped ice off the windows for ten minutes. got in the car, shut the door, buckled up, and pulled out into the street. The door swung open. I grabbed it and gave it a good slam. It bounced right open again. I poked at the latch a bit and saw that it seemed to be frozen open. Carefully buckled in and holding the door shut with one hand, I drove to the local 7-11 and bought a lighter with which to warm the latch. There's something in those door latches that will catch fire if you hold a lighter againsst it long enough. I blew the little flame out and considered my options. Stay home and leave the boss to handle the whole day alone? Drive to work with a door that won't close? Thank God for bungee cords. I dug a couple out of the trunk (don't you carry bungee cords in your trunk? You never know when they'll come in handy.) and drove to work with two bungees linked across my lap from door handle to door handle. On some turns, the driver side door would still swing open a few feet, but then it would snap back closed in a very satisfactory manner. And the seatbelt gave me an amazing false sense of security. I left the heater blasting the whole way there and got the car just as warm as I could. Locking it up was out of the question of course, but it looks like a rolling trash basket and I doubt anyone would want to break in unless they had a perverse yearning for crumpled grocery receipts and Lindor ball wrappers.
By the time to go home, things had warmed up enough that the doors shut and latched quite satisfactorily Whew!! It's a bit disconcerting to take a turn on the freeway, and suddenly be able to look down at the pavement whizzing by a few feet away.
The highways, by the way, had been graveled and traveled and were bare and dry by the time I got to them.

Still using up pop-bottle yarn. Pale yellow is a good color for a cable hat.

And the decreases were fun to work. I had intended 6 cables, but I clearly can't count that high. Soon as I finish this nasty squeaky stuff, I'm going to give myself a treat with some hand-dyed bamboo.
Today we will join MJ and RW for a quiet meal. We rarely do a big thanksgiving. Tomorrow, we are going to the wedding of a long-time friend who has been a widdower for years. The new wife is reportedly good enough for him. She'd better be.
May every turkey you encounter today be stuffed and roasted (or deep fried, if that's how you swing.)
I'm thankful that God loves me just the way I am. I'm thankful for DH. I'm thankful for a way to reach my friends all over the world.
Hey, you folks in Oz, a couple of photos of spring would be most welcome. It's an early winter for us in the states.


  • At 11:15 AM , Blogger LA said...

    OK....I'm still chuckling with the mental imagine of you driving with the car door that opens...but held by bungee cords!!!! Yep...I do so love me some bungee cords!!! The next step is duct tape!!!!! Have a warm & safe Thanksgiving, my friend!

  • At 1:54 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    So, MamaMia and I love love love the way the hat is finished up at the crown. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • At 2:53 AM , Anonymous Benita said...

    Oh, my! What an adventure just getting to work for you. And, yes, I keep bungee cords in my car, too. You never know...

    For an acrylic hat, that is lovely!! I love the cabled star at the top.

    Keep warm!

  • At 12:48 PM , Blogger Rose Lefebvre said...

    LOL What a story!!
    I park in the garage so nodoor problems!
    Love the hat, it is so pretty!!
    LOL My word verification for this post is UNDEAD!!!!
    I seem to have abug as started coughing last night and now am sick. Sipping tea, oj, chicken broth and taking cold pills. But had to get out of bed to check your blog!!


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