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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oct 31

The skies cleared overnight, and in the morning. we got sun shine!

The trees are putting on their colors, and the early sun makes them glow. There's a reason photographers call this "The golden hour."

Wearing fluffy blue robe, slippers, and hairstyle resembling a tumbleweed, I wandered around in front of the house in the misty morn, snapping photographs of the 6:00AM lighting effects.

It even gives the beloved old ranch house a touch of charm.

Ben, however, couldn't be bothered to bestir himself.


  • At 3:41 PM , Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

    I'm with Ben. Some days are meant for sleeping in, no matter what the pretty trees look like.

  • At 4:07 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    Ben's a kitty after my own heart!

    Happy Halloween!

    And congratulations on achieving Life Time Status!

  • At 6:42 PM , Anonymous Pat Lichen said...

    At 6 AM on a Sunday?! I'm with Ben.

  • At 9:48 PM , Blogger Rose Lefebvre said...

    I'm with Ben!!! I like to sleep in as often as possible!

  • At 11:03 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    But Ben didn't have the fuzzy blue bathrobe or slippers with which to look fabulous at the crotch of dawn!

    (spamword: plate)


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