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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Aloha squee!

I am so profoundly glad that I took Tuesday off. I spent the whole day getting my sh-t together. DH called the advice nurse who asked for symptoms. I heard him say "No, my sinuses don't hurt." The nurse told him he needed to talk to his doc. So, as he was waiting to be transferred I told him, "Don't be so damn manly! You,ve said a couple of times that your sinus is sore on the one side. You have an infection, but if you don't give him all the information, he's not going to be able to diagnose you accurately. And you'll pay during all those pressure changes on our flight." He 'fessed up to pain in the sinus. Antibiotics were prescribed. My suggestion to use Nyquill or Dayquill was professionally endorsed by the doc. And by five AM this morning, DH was fit to travel. Bless his hero's heart.

So I put on my fortunate hand-knit tofutsies socks (thank you, Donna Lee!) and away we went.

To my surprise, DH had used airmiles to upgrade us to first class. Oh. My. God. What a spoiler! There was leg room! There was hip room! There was free juice and free headsets. And meal sservice was initiated by little hot moist towels.

They gave us honest-to-dog metal knives, forks and spoons, with cloth napkins!

Then they gave us little plates of nuts and dried fruits. I gobbled over half before I remembered the camera.

And then breakfast arrived. Raspberry jelly-filled muffin, fruit plate, scrambled egg and bacon with steamed spinach, and, (bliss on a plate,) a salmon and mushroom crepe with a marinara sauce. DH doesn't care for fish. There was swiss cheese in the eggs. He got my eggs and I got his crepe. Yum! First class totally rocks!

We arrived, checked in, and went for a stroll. I remember this hotel from fifty years ago. Now it's the Moana SurfRider, but it used to be something different back then. And Mark Twain stayed there once. What changes THAT old place has seen!

I will do a report on this dude tomorrow. He was Hawaiian royalty and something of the patron saint of modern surfing.

We ran across these little sweeties and I offered to take a photo of all of them together. I wound up with 9 cameras in my hands, and only one was mine. They were so darn cute! I clicked and clicked clicked and they said thank you, thank you, thank you! They bowed and giggled. I bowed and smiled. Then we went our seperate ways. We saw them a couple of other times during our stroll. They rolled down the sidewalk like a tsunami of kittens.

This is a major business district. It's beautiful and sunny and clean and - wow - it's Hawaii!!

It's Christmas, but you can't miss the fact that it's Hawaii.

It's Hawaii! We're here! Squeeeeeeeee!

So what do you want photos of?


  • At 9:22 PM , Blogger Willow said...

    Beaches and sand and surf and mangoes and papayas and pineapples.

  • At 4:55 AM , Blogger Donna Lee said...

    Something I knitted is in Hawaii? How cool is that! I've never flown first class. I kept imagining the danish in cellophane the coach people were probably eating.

    What a beautiful hotel. I always pictured Hawaii with decorations more appropriate to a tropical island. You know, garlands of flowers and such. Not evergreen boughs. I'd love to see some holiday stuff. They're halfway around the world from me and so very different.

  • At 5:03 AM , Blogger Rose Red said...

    We stayed at that hotel when we were there a couple of years ago - it was fab!

    So I'd like to see photos of you sitting on the veranda in a rocking chair with your knitting. And also on the beach chairs with your knitting. And also with the Japanese tourists getting married in the hotel (with your knitting). And cocktails out under the tree in the courtyard (yes, with your knitting!)

  • At 6:18 AM , Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

    Oh, so THAT'S what goes on up in First Class. Your breakfast looks like quite the cute spread. And I think a couple of those girls want you to call them, making the "call me" hand sign???

  • At 6:32 AM , Blogger Alwen said...

    Tourists are fun (even when I'm the tourist). In October I went for a walk on the pier in Lake Michigan on a chilly day and passed a family of Japanese tourists. They weren't taking pictures, but I'll bet their hands were a lot colder than those of your kittens!

  • At 9:20 AM , Blogger Paul said...

    David and I flew first class when we went to Hawaii in April - it was fantastic! Lots of room for knitting and watching movies on the digiplayer, and LOTS of yummy food and drinks!

  • At 1:48 PM , Blogger Rose Lefebvre said...

    I noticed the beautiful orchid adorning your breakfast plate! Classy!!!

  • At 8:57 PM , Blogger Galad said...

    First class - I only dream of such luxury!

    Enjoy your wonderful vacation!!!

  • At 9:34 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Oh squee--- squee on the first class, on the DH ready to travel, and on Roxie's usual aplomb in making friends in interesting places! A 'tsunami of kittens' indeed! Bless your heart, you're gonna have a great time!


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