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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Where did the summer go?

The eclipse was actually pretty awesome.  I was most surprised by the drop in temperature.  We all wound up grabbing blankets as the moon shaded the sun.  And then, totality was almost mystical.  There were two minutes when you could pull off your glasses and actually look at the sun as just this big black spot with light rays glaring out around it.  That was a fast two minutes!  and not 30 seconds after totality was over, the first yahoo was peeling out to get on the highway.  Within 3 minutes of the end of totality, Madras was in gridlock.  I heard that two people died before help could get to them.  And one cunning lad decided to hold up the US Bank, then just casually walk away.  Unfortunately, one of the tellers identified him.

We spent the night and headed out on Tuesday at 10AM.  Steady traffic, but smooth sailing all the way home.

The time with the family was great.  So good to spend time with those girls. the cooking schedule worked out well.

And I got many of my projects accomplished.  Dying fabrics for piecing, performing the interpretive dance that Doug had requested for his funeral (called, "The weirdest thing on Facebook today,") making blank cards, and initiating embroideries.  I'll have to do more embroidery on the trip to AZ.

I also acquired the makings for another quilt, with bling and t-shirts.  I need not fear idle hands.

On Saturday the 27th, we attended Alena Eyesmont's wedding to Matt Hansen.  What a lovely couple of kids, and what a wonderful wedding!  I have to ask momma Yanna about the traditional Ukrainian ceremonial cloths, and what was the point of lifting the kids overhead in chairs?  The loaf of bread was amazing!

The food was awesome, and it just kept coming. Ukrainian food is the best.

Formal attire was requested.  We had everything from dark suits and long gowns, to sport shirt with no tie, and polyester pants and a blouse.  I wore tea-length chiffon with a matching coat, and a wide-brimmed purple straw hat.  Only hat there, but I got a lot of compliments.

Bling to the nth degree!

Gene was master of honor.  Handsome lad!
And oh, what a beautiful, beautiful bride!!


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