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Saturday, August 19, 2017

'clips, day 2 report

Tom is a ditch-rider. Which means, he is one of a squad of people who monitor the irrigation canals, so vital to the farming community. In the early days, the gentlemen did their job on horseback, making sure that no one was sneaking more than his share of the water, and making sure that the ditch was in good repair. They were hired by the federal government and were provided with housing in one central location. Many ditch riders now have homes of their own and drive their trucks in to work. Tom and Cheryl still live on the original property. There is a rosebush that was planted sometime around the 20s. It is now about 10 feet high and about 14 feet in diameter. And within its brambly interior lives a thriving family of quail. And several bunnies. I am sharing my sunrise with them. Life is good.

Yesterday, Miz E and I did some dying. We used the laziest method possible. Sprinkle the powdered dye directly onto the wet fabric, wrap it in plastic, and leave it to simmer in the sun. Today we will rinse it out and spread it in the shade to dry. For the quilting, I often get second-hand sheets at garage sales for mere pennies, then dye them to suit my needs. Random tie-dye effects are great.

We are a quarter mile from the airport. Yesterday, skydivers were making use of the light breezes and cleared fields. Their were at least 8 jumps with up to fourteen chutists in each. I lay in the lawn chair in the shade with my knitting and enjoyed the show. Gosh I'm good at this retirement stuff!


  • At 6:03 PM , Blogger Delighted Hands said...

    The fabric dyeing sounds like fun!
    Interesting facts on the ditch-riding; new to me! The sky diving sounds like a good show as long as I could stay on the ground to watch!


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