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Friday, July 11, 2014

it's good to be home.

 Breakfast with my brothers was a lot of fun.  The older we get, the more I appreciate those guys!

The stop in Madras at the Cup-n-Cake was wonderful.  Cheryl made iced earl Grey with orange syrup for me and OMG it was delicious.  And her coconut cream cupcakes are scrumptious.  You don't want to miss a crumb!

Then, driving over the pass, through all those green trees and blue sky and sunshine, between the snow-capped mountains, along roads I have traveled all my life.  I'm finding a visceral comfort in scenery I recognize.  There is a rightness to the sight of a sunrise over the hills of home.  Coming around this curve of the pass, and seeing those valleys and ridges laid out before you as they have been your whole life is a reality check.  I begin to understand why people get more reluctant to leave their homes as they age.

I managed to get a snapshot of the hills outside San Jose.  It looks dry and miserable to me, but I bet if I had grown up there, I would love it just as much as I love the pines and mountains of home.

All the driving gave me time to knit.  The baby surprise sweater is a great way to use up odds and ends of leftovers.

And I finished off three fish hats, but I left the other two in Madras for friends of my niece, Cera.

I'm kind of pleased with this one because I was trying to phase from black to white while working the decreases at the same time.    It was a good workout for the brain.  I had a 20 gallon tote full of yarn because we left home with intentions of a two week trip.  One week, with a lot of family time, didn't give me as much knitting as I had expected.

So today I have unpacked the RV, and my 20 gallon yarn tote, and am now sitting quietly, counting my marbles before the next big push begins.  Our 20th anniversary is at the end of the month, and we are planning a party in the backyard.  Y'all come!


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