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Monday, October 21, 2013

Further race results

We came in 1018 and 1019 out of 1026, so we were NOT the slowest walkers!  Moreover, we were 11th (me) and 17th (Kyle) in our age classes.  As I look over the results, I see the people came from as far away as North Carolina and Alaska to compete in this race.  Well, heck, if I had realized this was a competition, I would never have signed up!  No wonder everyone took it so seriously.  And there were a lot of people who cheated.  There was one section of the course that was about half a mile up one side of the street and down the other, with observers at each end.  As soon as some folks got out of sight in the fog, they cut across and shortened their walk by about a mile.  Cheaters!!  We went the whole way because we were doing the walk to challenge ourselves. Heck, if we had wanted to cheat, we could have walked a couple of blocks, ducked into a coffeeshop, sat all warm and happy for an hour, then strolled back up and jogged over the finish line. Yayyy!  Look at those old folks - fresh as a couple of daisies after going six miles!

I rubbed BenGay everywhere I could think of, but I didn't think of my shins.  That's the only place that hurts this morning.  BenGay is my FRIEND!

Also, I have a weigh-in today, and the resentful muscles are retaining water so I have a weight gain.  Thass OK.  Next week will show a good loss.


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