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Thursday, December 13, 2007

some day, some where in the caribbean

Sometime before sunrise – somewhere offshore from St. Lucia

The Bonine seems to have finally kicked in, and DH felt like rising and walking yesterday late in the afternoon. We did set foot on the shore of Barbados, but the docks are not tourist oriented, and we didn’t feel like taking a cab anywhere, so we just walked around, gaping at the six other cruise ships sharing the docks with us, which gave us a round-trip walk of something like two miles. Two sweaty, steamy hundred percent humidity miles. Then we headed to the gym for steamroom visits to complete the process of de-toxifying.

The officers and staff of this ship come from fourty two different countries and speak something like 57 different languages, and English is the mandatory common tongue. The officers speak it best. Some of the staff- like the room stewards – are in the rudimentary stages. As DH was headed back to the room, he passed one steward out in the hall with a tank full of liquid connected to a wand, spraying the floor of the passageway. Somewhat concerned about insect infestations, DH asked, “What are you spraying for?”

“I spray for poo.”

“You’re spraying for poo?”

Brilliant smile. Nodding head. “I spray for poo.”

I would have asked, “What kind of poo?” DH simply asked, “Why?”

“Make clean. Spray carpet for poo.”

Then the fragrance hit him and he realized it was carpet SHAMpoo. Ah yes. I spray for poo. Good job!

Why has the sea been so rough? A tropical storm formed incredibly late in the year, and hit Puerto Rico the night that we left. So we are getting the outskirts of the activity where ever we go. But last night was calmer, and we were able to enjoy dinner and a little stroll around the ship afterwards, posing for photos and watching our fellow tourists. There was a wedding onboard. I saw one of the bridesmaids and her husband and son emerging from the party and had to get a photo of them. I will post as soon as blogger (the bastid) lets me.

There is one stunning black lady on board with her handsome husband and four adorable sons. The oldest boy is perhaps 7. She strides through the dining-room on the way to her table with the five of them following her in size places from smallest to tallest (dad) and it’s a procession that people have to stop and watch. They all dress for dinner. Matching polo shirts for the lads on casual nights, matching grey suits for formal. What a picture they make!

Today, we plan on hitting the mud baths in Saint Lucia. I hope I can get photos!

Later - - -

We were too late to sign up for the mudbath tour from the ship, so we found a guy at the side of the dock who set us up with another company that took us by boat to the city where the mudbaths are. The ship tour spent 90 minutes on a narrow, twisty mountain road barely two lanes wide, and due to recent heavy rainfall, often half-blocked by rocks and trees which have fallen off the aforementioned mountain. We spent half an hour barreling across the sea through the sunshine and fresh air. Oh and our tour cost thirty dollars per person less than the ship’s tour. As it turned out, the heavy rain had closed the mudbaths as well, but we did stop at the volcano, and at a mineral waterfall where I got a couple more great ass shots. Then back to the boat and around to Marigot Bay where we had a chance to swim and snorkel. However, the heavy rains had sent so much mud down the rivers that visibility in the bay was zero. And in spite of it all, I had a splendid time! DH took his Bonine this morning, and felt not a hint of queasiness on the boat trip! Good old Bonine!! We rode up on the bow of the boat with oceans of fresh air and a sky full of sunshine, and we laughed and sang and loved every minute!

And one of our fellow passengers (Estelle) had some homeopathic remedy that she shared with Ababe and it worked so fast! Poor Ababe went from paper-white to natural rosey cheeks in about five minutes. And dear Estelle gave Ababe the rest of the container so she could continue to feel better for the whole trip What generosity and kindness!!

And now, off to dinner. We missed lunch and I am SO HUNGRY!!!


  • At 10:11 PM , Blogger Bells said...

    oh that's so funny. I spray for Poo. Don't you just love language?

  • At 3:38 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    It's all so idyllic (except for the 'spray for poo'--that was just funny!) that I don't want you to leave either, just so I can experience it in blogland;-)_

  • At 4:10 PM , Blogger Warrior Knitter said...

    We're getting Ice and Snow AGAIN!! and you and your sparkling sun, warn water and summer weather are keeping me (in)sane(ly jealous). :~)


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