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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday news

I'm rushing off to work to fill in for a fallen comrade. She caught some sort of viral ick from her grandson (who wants to be a bulldozer when he grows up) and needs to stay by her friendly home toilet. (It really sucks when you have to be sick with a strange toilet. Even the toilet at work, with which you have established an acquaintance, is not as comforting as that porcelain chalice at home.) I have long contended that kids are germ-bags in footie pajamas. Wish we could spray them with lysol when they approach. Not politically correct I fear.

Started work on the silk sweater. It will be a plain dark-ish jewel neck mitered sweater, with a seperate lacey lighter colored beaded over-collar to make it party wear. And it will take for frickin' ever since I'm junoesque and knitting on size one needles. But it is a pure treat to work on. Luscious!! TV knitting. I'm taking the hand-spun pink orphan sweater to work with me. I can knit without watching that one.

Joy to all!


  • At 7:38 AM , Anonymous rose said...

    When I was teaching, the staff used to call the students germ bags all the time. Not very PC, but very true :)

    I did have a teacher when I was in high school who would spray down the classroom with Lysol if more than one person sneezed.

    I though about installing an automatic Lysol sprayer to go off when students walked through my doors. Never got around to it.

  • At 8:51 AM , Blogger Lucia said...

    You are so right about the home toilet. No matter how much I love vacation, it can't be denied that coming home just feels good, and you've just hit on one of the major reasons. And all the more so when you're sick. (For some reason I always seem to fall puking sick at my parents' house, probably my second choice but not quite the same.)

    As for kids, you are quite correct, but what you're missing as you suffer under the weight of all those germs is that your immune system needs the work. You can remind me of this in a couple of weeks when the kids have brought the latest crop of micro-crawlies home from school.

  • At 5:44 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    Although, when not sick, I find I get more privacy at work....


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