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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tuesday in Dominica

That's pronounced Doh-min-NEE-ka. And right now I am in the empty, closed casino, looking out the windows at a perfectly vertical section of rainbow. I am delighted by being able to watch the rain squalls drift across the ocean in grey columns. This one just happened to get the proper angle with the sun, and prisimed into glory for me! It's wonderful being up at 6:30 and having the ship almost to myself. Just me, a few other dauntless larks, and many sleepy crewmembers, cleaning and polishing for us.

We don't dock for two hours yet. I've been up since before dawn, reveling in the shades of sunrise, standing on the balcony in my nightshirt, wishing on the dawn stars as the clouds shredded away to reveal them, reveling in the warm air on my skin. We are passing islands with sparkles of lights here and ther, one or two with a puddle of brightness from a town. Following behind our ship is another cruis ship, lighted up like a floating Las Vegas. Other than the full moon, it was the brightest thing in the night.

Oh and that moon! Queen of the night! Silver and serene and glorious even in the rising dawn light. Gosh, I DO love mornings at sea!

The learning curve on the camera is a bit steep, and my attention span yesterday was minute. More work on it today. Thanks for all your kind comments. You make my heart hop for joy.


  • At 5:17 AM , Blogger Lucia said...

    Trust you to revel in anomaly and get a rainbow out of it! I love it. I really hope you get the camera working, but if not your word pictures are pretty good too.

  • At 12:33 PM , Blogger Amy Lane said...

    I would get up early just to see another ship out in the big blue dark under a Goddess moon. The very thought of it makes my breath stutter in my chest...


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