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Friday, November 03, 2017



November is a time of little endings.
when we are spending our strength today
to make tomorrow secure.
But life is uncertain, and we can’t be sure
of anything.
Leaves wither and drop, revealing clouds of gray.
The barbecue is put away.
 Days shorten, and the cold descends,
and our snowbird friends 
fly south.  I know
This hemisphere will tilt  again toward the sun, 
and women, slim and young
will dance in the summer moonlight.
How I loved that summer moonlight!
But my dancing days are done.

The Little Guy

The committee in my head
hears a lot from him lately:
the little guy, hiding behind his chair
screaming, “We’re all gonna die!”
He’s right of course. 
No one gets out of this alive.
But right now, just this breathing moment
I AM alive.
Why should I spend a good day
listening to his fear?
When I could sew or write or bake
or sing and dance 
(in the feeble lumbering stumble I have come to.)
Breath goes out, breath goes in. 
Heart goes thumpa, thumpa.
My favorite toy, my mind, is wearing thin in places.
names have unraveled,
and memories tangled.
But I still know a few jokes,
and the world still holds love and beauty.
We’re all gonna die, 

but not today, sucker.  Not today!


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